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Modern Day Issues Portrayed In The Movies Hotel Rwanda And Traffic

The films from today covered in the course include Traffic and Hotel Rwanda. The early 2000’s was a tragic time for the United States, with a devastating terrorist attack that effected so many lives. Pre 9/11, the national discussion was the war on drugs and...

The Issue of Traffic Congestion in Megapolises and Large Cities

The United Nations (2019) state that over 50% of the worldwide population lived in cities in 2018 and it is projected that this figure will rise to almost 70% by 2050. Although well- managed urbanisation relies on government developments in economy, poverty reduction and population...

Congestion: Poor Urban Traffic Management and Control in Malaysia 

Traffic Congestion occurs when a selected road is managing vehicles more than its capability during certain times throughout a day (Kumarage, 2004). Traffic users are losing their precious time in “traffic jam” whenever they are “trapped” in the congestion, reducing productivities in their activities (Wan...

Causes and Effects of Traffic Congestion

Traffic congestion. Something every human at the age of 16 or more that drives a car during rush hour struggles with. It takes a toll on your attitude and your time. To clarify, traffic congestion is when there are a lot of vehicles on the...

Solving The Issues Of Traffic Risk Mining

At present, a large amount of traffic-related data is obtained manually and throughsensors and social media, e. g. , traffic statistics, accident statistics, road informa-tion, and users comments. Traffic risk refers to the possibility of occurrence oftraffic accidents. Specifically, we focus on two issues -...

Social-Economic Effects Of Road Traffic Congestion In Nairobi

Traffic Congestion: Definition and History of Congestion DefinitionWaweru (2012) defines congestion as a situation where the demand for road space exceeds the supply. This definition makes use of the two central characteristics of congestion, namely: the inadequacy of available road space for use, and the...

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