Essay Samples on Traffic

Causes and Effects of Traffic Congestion

Traffic congestion. Something every human at the age of 16 or more that drives a car during rush hour struggles with. It takes a toll on your attitude and your time. To clarify, traffic congestion is when there are a lot of vehicles on the…

Solving The Issues Of Traffic Risk Mining

At present, a large amount of traffic-related data is obtained manually and throughsensors and social media, e. g. , traffic statistics, accident statistics, road informa-tion, and users comments. Traffic risk refers to the possibility of occurrence oftraffic accidents. Specifically, we focus on two issues –…

Social-Economic Effects Of Road Traffic Congestion In Nairobi

Traffic Congestion: Definition and History of Congestion DefinitionWaweru (2012) defines congestion as a situation where the demand for road space exceeds the supply. This definition makes use of the two central characteristics of congestion, namely: the inadequacy of available road space for use, and the…

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