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Cultural Exchanges Between the Europeans and the Tokugawa Shogunate of Japan

European merchants found that the Chinese trade was the second most important after the Southeast Asian spice trade, which was their number one source of income Merchants from western Europe found China to be appealing only after the Ming court because of the huge population...

Main Events in the History of Japan of the Edo Period

Prior to the 17th century, Japan had to go through a battle that decided the fate of its country for the next 2 centuries. This battle took place due to power-hungry regents who want to take the throne after the death of their master who...

The Political Influence of Buddhism in the Early and Late Medieval Japan

Buddhism has frequently been perceived as a stable and singular tradition with the goal to overcome suffering and transcend the cycle of death and rebirth. This common notation of seen “Buddhism” as a “world religion” has been rooted in the perspective of Western scholars. It...

The Relationship Between the Dutch and Tokugawa Shogunate Japan

Hello, my name is Joeshton and today I will be presenting my virtual exhibit on the contact between the Dutch Empire and Japan whilst under the Tokugawa shogunate. The Dutch and Japanese relation dates back over 400 years ago back in 1609 when the Dutch...

The Rise of Tokugawa Period Japan and Dominance of Edo Society

Tokugawa Japan rose after the fall of the original Japenese system. A man named Oda Nobunaga was responsible for taking over Kyoto, the capital of Japan at the time and placing shogun, Ashikaga Shogunate, under his command. While he only ruled for a short period...

Tokugawa Period: Religion as Political Tool and Population Control

The renaissance, golden ages and enlightenment period are examples of when and how European culture and traditions were created, of which a lot are still visible today. For Japan this defining moment of cultural traditions is probably the Tokugawa period, also known as the Edo...

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