The Traits of a Leader and Leaderhip Styles in "Coach Carter"

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The Traits of a Leader and Leaderhip Styles in "Coach Carter" essay
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Based on the true story, the movie is based upon the coach of the high school in the poor area of Richmond Hill, CA. Samuel Jackson plays the character of real life ken carter. Richmond high school is his former high school in which he did his schooling and later on was offered a job as a coach as he was the best in the athletes. Carter believes not to give up and anyone can be at their best version if they want to be. The same case was with the students and their performance and Carter was willing to change their poor attitude and performance. With the joining he proposed a contract with the students about maintaining discipline if they really want to be in the basketball team. He imposed all the athlete to sign a contract outlining all the conditions like a strict dress code, attend all the class and practices, maintain at least the average C (2.3 grade point )and importantly respect all their colleagues and coaches. He chose variety of ways to motivate the team. If there were any initial resistance from the students then they are about to be dispelled from the team.

Although there were mishaps between the coach and Cruz on the first day itself and he walks out. Then after he also noticed that the students were doing academically poor and violating the terms in the contract they side and he decided to take a serious action against the violation. Out of the disgust and anger he said the athletes that the student athlete is a “student” first and he decided to lock out the court and cancelled all the practice sessions until the team shows some academic improvement. This leads to conflicts between the parents and school board and therefore from the voting 4-2 carter was knocked out. This cause all the students and athletes in commotion of such restrictions.

After a long debate to open the locks or not, the decision made by the school was to take off the locks to the gym and court and continue to the routine. Though this decision was not supported by carter and he wasn’t ready to agree to the message conveyed that the students or athletes are above any law because his only aim was to make them disciplined so that they do not end up like other students of Richmond high in any jail. Later on the student realized the importance of his restrictions but coach carter decided to quit. But then he actually reconsider in keeping up the job at high school when he found out about he actually made difference in his students life. Even the athletes refused to play until they improve their academic grades and decided then only they will play for the team and make their way to state championships. Though at the end they didn’t win any championships but more importantly they won the hearts of the Richmond high and also 5 of them won scholarships.

Main Roles

Under Carter’s leadership, the team really started playing well and winning games. Also his son Damien who was studying in some private school decided to take transfer to Richmond high in order to get coaching from his dad.

Kenyon, who has a pregnant girlfriend who dropped off the college for the sake and in favor of having a baby.

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Cruz is the one who walks out on the very first day after the altercation with the coach carter and later he wish to return back but carter didn’t accept his apology moreover he made him do lot of efforts and pushups in a week. Though he didn’t succeed, his team mates requested carter that they will do his part of pushups as he failed.

Although boys were winning games they were acting very overconfident with poor academia. And he decided to change them. This movie is more than just basketball and more towards the leadership tools and team work to achieve goals. This movie doesn’t limit to doing our things with passion but also conquer all the challenges which come along that way. He taught the importance of family and discipline in life. Every player realize their potential with they were born and worked their way hard out.

Ken Carter’s Traits and Behavior

There is no doubt that carter was the best leader one could ever have as he always motivates his student to work their best. Though his every steps and leadership style was questioned but at the end everyone was inspired by his style. He imposed qualities of not only one leadership style, but instead a combination of various styles of leadership such as Autocratic, Participative, Visionary and Transformational. At first he commands on the team by imposing the line “I am the coach and you do as I say” which implies his aggressive, controlling and demanding attitude. Also he sets everyone to sig the contract outlining various conditions, this made all the team members to take him seriously and listen to him as he is the leader and coach. He didn’t lead the team in the same way every time. His style vary from one to another. This shows his visionary style. He said that from now on “losing stops and we always win” which shows another visionary style. He also expressed how he feels when a team lose and therefore he wants them all to be happy and become a cohesive team. Therefore, he always addressed every player as “sir” to show respect and always treated his students as his own children. He also showed empathy and compassion when he showed forgiveness by bringing back Cruz to the team. He always encourage them to improve. He never focuses on where the team really did well but on the stats where the team performed terribly. He talked about the positive things but focused more on the negative things. There were many times there were problems and carter tried to solve them by reaching the heart to the problems whether the problem are on court or off court. He was very understanding which shows his affiliative nature. Also, when it was a decision to make, he will include all the team members which make him as a participative leader.

Leadership Style

Leaders with no vision are not a leader which is practically explained in this movie. Coach carter was a man with a vision and brings out the best version from his students. He expressed his feelings by telling about his troubled youth and warning the students so that they can take potential steps to stay away from that road. He wants them to improve and overcome any challenges they face.

Transformational Leadership

It is the ability of the leader to bring out the best from the students even when there projection was average which brings large innovation and change. He imagined the potential and realize it of every player that they could have ever imagine. And he wants them to realize their potential and brings out their best as they can. Both the team and coach hustle and face challenges together. He always inspire them and so they have positive influence of carter with them and he encourage them to do their best and never stop. He didn’t let their goal to be just of basketball but also he encourage them to study by making the strict rule of maintain 2.3 grade point if they want to play for the school in state championship. He taught them to take their responsibility of their efforts and eventually they also got scholarships.

Change Leader

A change leader is the one who is willing to bring change in other’s life or social system and still decide to hustle until the goal is achieved irrespective of any challenges. He tried to change their lifestyle and always encourage them towards positive things and always said that there is a lot to achieve from life. He showed his own example and make them feel the importance of his words.

Moral Leadership

This is very different kind of leadership, it implies on aspiring than to be followed. Instead of showing their own qualities to the students, a moral leader tries to bring the qualities from others. He also taught them to respect others and then only you can earn respect from others. He also tried to change opinion from the team on what was good and right for them and he allowed them to see what is aspiring them.

Autocratic Leadership

This type of leadership keeps authority over people and emphasizes task over others which imply one sided command and controls fashion like normal. He basically made decisions by his own judgment and own ideas.

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The essay provides a detailed summary and analysis of the movie ""Coach Carter"" and the leadership style of the main character. It covers the main plot points and highlights the different leadership styles and traits displayed by Coach Carter. The essay also discusses the importance of vision, transformational leadership, change leadership, and moral leadership in the context of the movie. Overall, the essay provides a good understanding of the movie and its themes.
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The essay could benefit from a clearer structure and organization. It would be helpful to have separate paragraphs for each main point or topic discussed, such as the plot summary, the leadership styles, and the analysis of Coach Carter's traits. Additionally, there are a few grammatical errors and awkward phrasing that could be revised for clarity. Finally, it would be beneficial to include specific examples from the movie to support the analysis of Coach Carter's leadership style.
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