The Foundation and Establishment of the Easter Islands

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Man has made many inventions. In this scientific age of today, he has started filling up everywhere, but at present, there are so many such mysterious events in the world, whose secret he has not been able to know. These compositions spread around the world remain an incomprehensible puzzle for us. Hundreds of such books are described in the books 'Great Mysteries', 'Mysterious Knowledge', Mysteries of Mind 'Space and Time'. Which is located on the earth and in its womb, in the sea and the sky, about which nothing has been known yet. Take the sea itself is an ultra-mysterious archipelago located in the far east of Polo, some 2300 miles from South America, in the middle of an upper-ocean watershed of 68 million square miles. European inventors have named it 'Easter Island'. Even today it remains an intriguing puzzle for archaeologists.

In ancient times this place was called the navel of the earth. This island in the majestic ocean is just a point in the form of the volcanic mountains. It was first discovered by Dutch explorer Jacob in 1772. He named it 'Easter Island', because he laid his feet here on the day of Easter, the holy festival of Christians. Not everyone is surprised to see many huge stone rock pilgrimages on this island. Even the original residents here do not know anything about it. Investigators say that this place was once the center of advanced civilization, otherwise, the way these huge stones are set in the shape of idols, they are lying randomly. According to him, more than 600 such statues were found. In which - unitary, a statue of 33 feet high, made of a giant boulder standing near the volcano. It weighs about 90 tons. It is said that this stone statue of 33 feet height had a plume weighing 12 tons of granite stone on the head, which was 6 feet high and 8 feet wide. In addition to this stone statue, paved roads, many temples, and solar observatories are built. Which is evidence of a well-developed civilization in ancient times even before its original inhabitants. Even so, it remains a mystery. How would it have been possible to create such a variety of statues made of sparks from a hammer on a stone such as granite? Who would have made them and for what? Where did they bring such heavy and tall idols and how would they be erected? Not only this, even the scientific script found on Easter Island has not been able to eradicate them, which makes the island a center of exploration for explorers in every way.

The book 'An-to-the Un' states that the Easter Islands, which are subordinate to the state of Chile in the Pacific Ocean, are found from 30 feet to 70 feet and more than 600 megalithic statues. In an archaeological expedition, Her, a Norwegian sculptural dancer, told that 180 men were needed to lift the megalithic rocks in the islands. The weight of the head of these statues alone is not less than 18 tons. Thus more than sixty megalithic sculptures have been found in Corsica. Many stone statues found in the Ne Road in Turkistan are being studied.

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