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Syrian Refugee Crisis in Europe

ISIS, a militarist Jihadist group formed in April 2013 and entered the chaos in which rebel groups and religious extremists fought against Syrian president Assad’s dictator regime. ISIS built strong totalitarian Islamic caliphate and quickly became the most violent and successful extremist organization of the...

Syrian Refugee Crisis: Global Impact and Sustainable Solutions

Abstract Ever since the World War II the Syrian civil war dated March 15, 2011 has been recorded to be the largest humanitarian crisis. It has affected hundreds of people, nations and set back the standard of living by decades. It created the largest refugee...

Causes and Cosequences of Syrian Refugee Crisis in European Union

European Union (EU) is a political and economic union with 28 member states which is primarily located in Europe. Its member states have a combined area of around 4 million km2 and an estimated total population of 513 million. EU aims to ensure the free...

Prejudice Against The Syrian Refugees Caused By The Uk Media

With the harrowing onset of the Syrian refugee crisis, there has been destabilizing contention in the United Kingdom (UK) regarding the support for the asylum seekers. However, where the British media is concerned, these refugees are bleakly faced with an uncompromising stance. The most influential...

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