Struggling Learner Task: Learning the Virtue of Trial and Error Through Skating

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For my struggling learner task, I decided to go roller skating. My boyfriend and I always like to go to places and try new things, like go to Dave and Busters, go bowling, go ice skating, and this time, we decided to go roller skating. I thought it would be the same as ice skating, but it was not the same. I am a person that likes going to new places, but I also know that I do not have good balance. I decided to convince myself that trying new things and going to new places is a positive thing, so I decided to go roller skating.

My boyfriend, Alex, and I went to Skateworld San Diego. We were both new at roller skating, but we have been ice skating before, so we thought it would be the same. We got our skates and we headed to the floor. Seeing all the people having fun and enjoying the music while roller skating made me want to put on my skates and start to roll. But then, when I went to the floor and tried to walk, it was hard for me to even stand up and find my balance. So then, my boyfriend saw that I was struggling so he came and asked, “Hey, you need help?” So he came and helped me stand correctly.

Once we started moving, I slipped and we both fell and hit each other’s head. So then I told him, “Ok Alex, I think I will try and figure out my balance first, ” and he agreed, so he went and started skating without me. Seeing Alex be able to do it and enjoy himself made me say to myself, “I can do it. ” So I headed over to the floor where everyone was and I held on to the rails on the side of the skate floor. I was scared to fall if I let go, but I let it go and tried to stand. I could not keep my balance and I fell about 5 times. I got discouraged, so I went to sit down. Again, I saw everyone having fun, so I decided that it was possible for me to skate too if I set my mind on it. I got up and tried again. After a couple tries, I was able to stand without falling. I got very excited and Alex came to help me move. He held me and helped me move slowly. Once I figured out how to do it, we began to roller skate together and enjoys the music being played.

One thing people have always told me is that I am a stubborn person and it was meant to be a bad thing, but I realized that it helps me reah my goals. Overall, it was a learning experience for me and my boyfriend. When we first got there, I wanted to leave because I was not able to skate right away, but the support from Alex made me realize that you can enjoy new experiences if you try and go for it, no matter how many times you fail.

This experience can help me as a teacher by being able to tell them my experience and show them that teachers, not just students, struggle too. It was also frustrating not being able to get it the first time. I need to let others help me to get better. Even if you know you are doing it good, someone else can do it better and they can help you make you feel more comfortable and get better. Even though I struggled, I will not let that keep me from going again. For example, if students in my class are struggling with a math problem, I will help them until they are comfortable enough to do it by themselves.

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