Advise About Staying Friends with Your Ex After a Break-Up

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What people do after a break up varies from couple to couple and may depend on the sort of break up they had. There’s a possibility the couple can patch up or be friends if the breakup was a mutual choice. While this is also possible with couples who’ve had an impulsive break up, it’s much harder to do. But if you find yourself saying, ‘My ex boyfriend wants to be friends, what should I do?’ a few weeks after a breakup, discover his probable intents and how to cope with this situation. Friendship is not bad and it’s all right to be friends, especially if you had a friendly break up. If you ask, ‘Why is it that my ex boyfriend wants to be friends with me?’, perhaps it’s just because he thinks you two fit better as friends than lovers. Friends are always good to have and it’s alright though you see that you two don’t talk much and are really more of casual acquaintances after that proposal of friendship. Somehow, your break up ended in a lighter mood.

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If he started the break up and you still wanna patch up, you may think, ‘Well, my ex boyfriend wants to be friends, but I want to be more than friends’. To be honest, deciphering a guy’s intentions is difficult but always assume that he just wants to be friends to be safe. Through this, you can refrain from expecting too much thinking that he’s using the friend excuse just to get close to you. It’s fine to be friends if you do wanna get back together but don’t be too expectant.

You may be thinking, ‘My ex boyfriend wants to be friends, but I’m still hurting’. If you haven’t gotten over the break up, it’s fine to refuse the friendship offer. You are more likely to get hurt seeing him enjoy his life as a single guy if he’s moved on already. As friends, he will also be highly visible to you when he starts dating again and if that will just hurt you, it’s better to not be friends. Perhaps, you can accept his invitation in the future, but not while you’re still hurting.

However, another typical situation is ‘My ex boyfriend wants to be friends but I don’t know if his plans are clear’. This can occur when girls broke up with their boyfriends and their ex wanna be their friend to stay as a part of their lives. You may accept his friendship as long as you make it clear to him that at least for now, all you can offer is just friendship. But if you also still have feelings for him, this can be a springboard to squaring off and will be a good means for you two to connect without the problems from relationships.

The next time you ask, ‘My ex boyfriend wants to be friends, what now?’, bear in mind that friendship is good but you should enter it with the good intentions also. It helps if you make your intentions clear to him from the get go although you may not know exactly what your ex’s intentions are.

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