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One of the main aspects that determines the quality of any friendship is the aspect of common interests and activities. One article states that we have also seen that higher levels of interaction and common life points are associated with higher levels of connectedness. This suggests that one possible way to create connections is to create opportunities for meaningful interactions between similar people. The lack of similar activities and interests among friends is a sign of a weakened or impoverished bond between them, which creates a vacuum in their relationships. With similar interests, friends get topics to discuss when they communicate, and can easily create memorable moments with each other when they communicate about these shared activities and interests. For example, if two people enjoy watching and playing soccer, it becomes easier for them because they have a common topic or issue that they can discuss and interact with, making their relationship deeper. However, when two friends have different interests, it is more difficult for them to interact because they have fewer common likes that they can agree on. In view of this, shared interests and activities allow friends to have a common point of interaction, which ensures that they stay in contact with each other, leading to a healthy relationship. What is true friendship?

Another factor that determines the quality of a friendship is intimacy. When people spend time together, they get to learn about each other. As a result, they learn about each other's fears and hopes, thereby creating a deep connection with each other. In addition, spending time together creates a sense of trust between people because they can easily communicate face-to-face. In this scenario, people feel safe because they can open up to each other and quickly identify each of their characters. Intimacy ensures that friendships will develop further as the people involved can learn about each other and support each other. When the aspect of intimacy is lacking in associations, it becomes difficult for friends to keep in touch because they may quickly forget about each other or connect with other people with whom they are closer. Proximity in different contexts also encourages friends to show their unique qualities to each other, which helps to strengthen the friendship relationship. Face-to-face communication not only strengthens the friendship, but it also creates sympathy between the parties, which makes them yearn for more of each other's company. Moreover, Proximity is also important because it allows friends to easily resolve their problems without involving others who might cause confusion and exacerbate conflict. As a result, proximity is an extremely important aspect of friendship that can be analyzed to determine the quality of friendship.

In addition, similarity is also an important aspect that determines the quality of a relationship. Similarities are important factors in strong relationships because they ensure that people interact from a common platform or perspective. This aspect of friendship refers to the presence of common characteristics that facilitate interaction between two people based on their past similarities. In contrast to the aspect of shared interests and pursuits, similarities entail common characteristics of the people involved in the friendship, such as age group or religion. For example, in the case of two friends who are black, they can easily talk about the pros and cons of being black and share their culture. This, in turn, allows them to create a deeper bond that can sustain them even though they may have different sympathies. Obviously, sharing a characteristic with another person can create curiosity about that person, which may also require social interaction to understand that person and see if they have another trait that you find interesting or that you think is similar to yours.

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It is easy for young people to interact because they all share a common trait: an interest in popular culture. These interests allow them to bond, share ideas, and in the process build strong relationships that develop over time. Moreover, many strong friendships have the quality of perseverance. The aspect of persistence and its impact on the relationship from the statement emerges when studying student persistence as an outcome, as expected, we found a positive relationship between relationship quality and persistence.

Perseverance entails the constant support and companionship that people create or encourage between themselves participates in a friendship. When the two parties involved in a relationship decide to show affection, constant care and devotion to one another, then the friendship moves to a whole new level of connection. Many people involved in a friendship are not consistent in their actions, and as a result, they lose touch with their friends. and this causes a rift between the parties. True friends always show concern for each other and encourage persistence in the relationship to show their commitment and loyalty to each other. Without persistence, however, there is no loyalty, and the friendship is doomed to fail. With this in mind, quality friendships are characterized by perseverance to ensure reliability and trust when each party knows it is valued by the other. In addition, social support is another element that determines the quality of a friendship relationship. One of the primary values of friends is to provide social support for any problem they encounter. When a person has close friends, they can be assured of support whenever they face a difficult experience, such as a loss. Having friends who are willing to support you through life's difficulties ensures that friendships are strengthened as they help each other through a difficult time. "Friendships are built only on the ability to achieve closeness, trust, and reciprocity, which ultimately depend on the social interaction that people create, not on purely technical capabilities." Through the social support aspect among friends, people can quickly build trust in each other, helping each other whenever they encounter difficult situations. Moreover, social support allows for the development of intimacy between the parties involved in a friendship because it entails a moment of vulnerability for the person, which he or she courageously shares with those who see fit to provide a shoulder to lean on. In this regard, it is clear that social support is an important factor in determining the quality of a relationship, since the parties have the opportunity to help each other in times of need. Proximity is also an element that affects the quality of the relationship between people. Proximity is essential to any relationship because it allows the parties to communicate at a higher level because of the emotional relationship established. Some authors argue that one of the essential aspects of a strong friendship is intimacy.

Friendship is an intimate, caring relationship with such attributes as mutual tenderness and warmth of feelings; mutual desire to maintain friendship; honesty and sincerity; trust; intimacy and openness of self. The importance of intimacy in any form of relationship is defined, as friendship is a crucial factor in the development of a quality friendship. Intimacy is vital because it provides the right connection between the parties in the relationship. When intimacy exists in a relationship, it means that both parties love and respect each other to the point that they are not afraid to put their emotions into the friendship. Such relationships blossom easily because all parties risk their feelings and do everything in their power to ensure that the connection is properly maintained. Most friendships that ultimately fail usually lack aspects of intimacy because many people are wary of opening up to their friends, and this creates a barrier between the parties that ultimately destroys the entire relationship completely. With this in mind, it is obvious that intimacy is an important aspect of any relationship because it encourages participants to be open with each other and try to invest time and effort in the relationship. Being in the right environment is also an important factor that can affect the quality of a friendship. Studies have found that "mothers of children in integrated settings reported that their child played better and was more sociable due to the participation of children without special needs." impact on the social relationships that exist in such a situation. When students are surrounded by positivity and encouraged to be themselves and explore different factors, they are more likely to create lasting relationships compared to when they are stressed and unable to come to their senses. This aspect is depicted in the above quote as readers are given the example of special children who have to relate to others because of their physical or mental condition. However, once children are in a caring environment, they are more likely to explore their social skills and desires because they feel valued and understood, which encourages them to discover new connections. This is an important factor to understand because many people mistakenly believe that they are introverted and unfriendly, when in fact it is their environment that limits their social interactions. When such people have a supportive environment, they can quickly get along with people and interact with them to create lasting relationships. Consequently, people's situations are important factors in determining the quality of friendships they can develop. With this in mind, in order to maintain the right friendships, you need to make sure that the environment allows for strong connections between people. In fact, friendships are an important aspect of daily life. In order to lead a fulfilling and happy life, one must have good friends who can help them through difficult times or celebrate with them during good times.

Friendship allows people to connect emotionally, which is a basic element of humanity. However, it is crucial for people to maintain helpful relationships rather than stay in toxic ones. To determine the quality of the friends he or she has, they can look at aspects such as common interests, closeness, similarities, consistency of reciprocity, social support, closeness and a supportive environment. These aspects show whether the friendship benefits the parties involved or whether it has become unmanageable and toxic for the participants. In addition, the elements can be used by all members of the friendship to evaluate their participation in the association to see if they can classify themselves as good friends or if they need to invest more in the connection. It is very important that friendships be analyzed in such a way as to understand the important aspects that affect the functioning of the relationship, making it last for a lifetime or only for a short period. Because today's society has created many technological advances that expand the social interactions of people, especially young people, many young people find themselves on the hook for false relationships that eventually become toxic, leading to detrimental factors such as suicide, depression, and so on.

A proper understanding of what true friendships should be allows young people to protect themselves from people who want to take advantage of them and take advantage of them. This knowledge can be used to raise awareness of what a quality relationship should look like so that people can protect themselves from any cheaters who use friendship as a way to steal, hurt, or injure others.

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