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Poor in communication and neglecting developing communication skills leads to various problems when establishing groups, because of the intellectual and cultural differences between individuals and the weakness of each member to explain his ideas to the other members in a sufficient way that ensures their full understanding of them.

The aim of writing L1 assignment (Teammate Interview) is to solve the lack of communication between our group adequately, to increase the effectiveness of our teamwork, and enhance the efficiency of performance. In addition, writing this assignment will aid me to improve my skills in how to introduce the technical work in a professional way.

After completing the writing of the assignment, I will have collected various information about my colleagues, this will lead me to recognize significant aspects of their personalities that I don’t know; this information will improve my way of treating them according to their personalities and styles. As a result, this will increase the efficiency, and effectiveness of work in the group and the performance will be enhanced.

In this assignment, I interviewed Abdullah and obtained information from him about the meaning of his name, the place he was born in, the duration he has been studying at King Abdulaziz University, where is he living currently, his previous experience in working, the major he aims to study, his hobbies and his history with them, the aims he wants to achieve in the course, the steps to build a good team, his general and main career aims, the plans he is following to achieve his goals, his usual activities in the free time, his commitment to work, the usual day routine, and the use of technology in his life.


My interviewee full name is Abdullah Ali Hamiduddin; his first name means the servant of God or Gods Follower. Abdullah was born in the city of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. He has been studying at KAU (King Abdulaziz University) since September 2017; this year is his second year at the university. He is currently living in Al-Nuzha district in Jeddah among his family. Abdullah has never had the experience of working before nor he is working now.

Abdullah hopes to study the Electrical Engineering major because of some reasons; firstly, he personally enjoys the designing and engineering aspect, he has a passion for exploring different ways of how electricity could help us in innovative methods to help us in our lives and make it easier by depending on the use of electricity.

Abdullah is an active person; he has many hobbies related to the activeness. One of his hobbies is working on cars; mostly mechanically, he started learning how to perform simple repairs, then he advanced with spending more time practicing. He usually learns how to do things by watching videos on the internet and reading forms. Abdullah usually practices his interests by fixing his family’s cars. Abdullah started working on cars since he was 13 years old, he still has the interest until now.Like any student, Abdullah has personal aims in IE201 (Introduction to Engineering Design-I); he aims to gain skills about how to be more professional, being ready to deal with any problems that could face him in his career, being able to present work in a professional way, and learning how to manage his time perfectly.

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Abdullah believes that he can build a good team by implementing a set of rules, assigning roles, apply the professionalism with the team members even if the team members are good friends, and the most important thing is to establish clear constant communication between team members.

The career goals Abdullah wants to achieve is graduating from the university, experience different job environments to find what he enjoys. The main goal Abdullah wants to achieve is establishing a mechanic’s workshop where quality is the standard.

Abdullah has a clear plan about what is he planning to do to achieve his goals; Firstly, he wants to graduate from the university with a bachelor degree, gain some years of experience by working, and explore different work environments. His final step is to collect enough money for buying and establishing a workshop.Usually, Abdullah spends his free time on learning how things work basically, and he always tries to increase his general knowledge on different aspects. His commitment to work is influenced by the work environment surrounding him, and whether his commitment will be rewarded or not; he will always keep working.

The usual routine of Abdullah’s day is he wakes up at 5:30 in the morning, go to the university at 6:30 by car, and he usually sleeps for 2 to 3 hours after he gets back home.

Abdullah always tries to improve his skills in the use of technology; he prefers doing his work with the help of technologies, but still holding some traditional aspect; such as keeping everything documented physically.


After conducting a lot of information from my colleague Abdullah; I learned about many sides in his personality I didn’t use to know. Abdullah is a great person; his ambitions in his life and his continuous desire of improving are fabulous and it shows how much he is a great person.A meeting has been arranged between Abdullah and I on October 3, 2015, I used the process of asking written questions and writing the answers of my interviewee.

Abdullah has changed many ideas in my mind I used to believe they are correct. I believe that the group performance will be much better after this; each member of us now knows how to deal with the other members and extract the best from him.

The team will be well organized, and we will try to reduce the team’s random work gradually until it ends. Much meetings will be arranged in the future between our team, we all have a common goal; continuous learning and improving.

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