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Analysis of the Hermeneutical Method of Interpretation

Introduction Hermeneutics as a method of interpretation relates to the difficulties encountered when dealing with meaningful human actions and the production of such actions, the most important texts. As a method of discipline, it provides a toolbox designed to effectively treat problems in interpreting human...

Relativism, Morality and Violation of Human Rights

Relativism is the philosophical belief that morality throughout cultures is unique and ethical to that certain culture. When topics such as: rape, torture or cannibalism are discussed in a forgiving light, conversations about whether relativism is ethical begins to be brought up. Relativists argue that...

The Importance of Cultural Relativism

If we look around at the whole universe today, there are tons and millions of cultures centered everywhere around the globe. With this much cultures in the universe, people are bound to believe that they’re all divergent. Even though they are dissimilar in some aspects,...

The Reasons for Attraction of Cultural Relativism

Cultural relativism maintains that moral standards are relative to culture, much like the diverse norms of etiquette one can see across different cultures. According to this view, the very fact that something is accepted by the majority in a society makes it morally correct. I...

Cross-Cultural Activism and Traditional Relativism

“The international Human Rights” movement was established and came to strength in 1948 when the United Nations General Assembly proclaim of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). And the dilemma arose along with the internationalization of human rights, where if all the human rights...

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