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The Polygraph for Modern-Day Police Work

In times of stressful or scary situations, humans tend to have a fight or flight response to whatever is happening to them and that response is exactly what polygraphs were invented to measure. The first recorded machine that is similar to the modern-day polygraph used...

The Methods Used in Crime Prevention and Investigations

We are living in the 21st Century where the society is in a unique position in relation to progress and speed with regards to scientific advancement and various emerging technologies. The present world is brimming with complexities, development, and fast change. At this rate prediction...

The Truth Behind the Accuracy of the Polygraph Test

The polygraph is a test that many people call the lie detector test, however the test cannot tell if a person is lying 100 percent of the time. The misconception of the myth is that the test is 100 percent correct, given in the name...

Comparison Question Technique Method And Sex Offenders

Polygraph tests were invented by William M. Marston in 1971. They have been conducted for many years and widely used by enforcement agencies when interrogating an offender. The lie detector machine measures their blood pressure, heart rate and respiration while the law asks questions related...

The History of Polygraph Invention, Its Accuracy in Detecting the Deception

The polygraph is a great tool many law officials use to infer deception, and is right 85 to 90 percent of the time, but too many times the polygraph has failed the innocent, causing them to be unrightfully convicted. Doing so, the polygraph is now...

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