Perception of Individual's Worldview with Own Beliefs and Morals

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Worldview is how people view and make sense of life and the world around them. There are many components in your life that influence your worldview. My religion has a huge influence on my worldview. I have always been in the church every time the doors open since I was a kid. I attend a holiness church and learn about God’s work and his plan for his people’s lives. Now that I’m older I’ve moved up in the church and I help teach praise dances to the youth. Having a good relationship with God and interacting with his people have influenced how I look at the world around me and distinguish what I believe to be right and wrong.

My family background has influenced my worldview because I come from a spiritually oriented family. My grandmother is an evangelist and growing up she taught me and my two sisters about God’s word on a daily. Some of the important lessons my grandmother taught me from the Bible are to glorify God, pray, give thanks, put others before yourself, and tell the truth. Although sometimes I may fall short of obeying all these commands from, they are instilled in me that they are my morally correct. Having such a solid foundation at my church and home about what God wants from me and for me has had a major impact and influence on my worldview.

I come from a small town with a gas station and now a Dollar General. My two sisters and I were raised by my single mother in a house. I would say our economic status falls in the middle class. My mother is the type who doesn’t believe in spending a ton of money on clothes and shoes or just stuff in general. My sisters and I shared clothes and shoes all the time so we could have more things to choose from. We didn’t live a hard life, but my mother wanted to teach us that we didn’t need all the name brand stuff like our friends because it was a waste of money. We had nice things, but my mom didn’t buy any of the extra stuff because she didn’t want us to start valuing materialist items and lose sight of what is ultimately important in life. Growing up with boundaries has influenced my view on the world because I’ve learned to appreciate the small thing and be thankful for what I have.

I graduated from a small high school with a class of thirty-six people. I had great teachers who still talked about God and prayed even though it had been taken out of public schools. When I think about my education, I don’t think about the things I’ve learned from the material, but I think about the teachers and classes that challenged me to do greater things because this is what has truly had an influence on my worldview. Having teachers who care about you taught me that we have to care for people who are different from us. We have to establish relationships with people other than our family and have a good impact on their lives. Race and ethnicity affect our lives on a daily bases because everyone is different and come from different backgrounds. I am African American, and my race has influenced my worldview because of the things I have learned about my ancestors. Learning about my culture and all the things that had to happen for me to be here today.

My current worldview is Christian and I believe in one God who has a purpose and plan for everyone’s life and that his people should show love, teach others about his word, and help those in need. Being a legal studies major I have to learn a lot about law and politics. With my worldview, I do not agree with a lot of the laws that are passed and some of the political jargon from politicians I see on the news. But I definitely feel my worldview can relate to politics because of the motto of our country which is “In God we Trust”. It also relates because God tells his people to follow the laws of the lands. I may not agree with everything, but I’m not about to go out and break the law.

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My worldview relates to morality because it is my morals and beliefs of what I believe is right and wrong. The principles of my religion were passed down to me, and I was taught the way in which God wanted me to act and what not to do. Family is one of the very best and most valuable things in life. My Christian worldview relates to family bond because God created us to have families and multiply. Family bonding consists of having a strong relationship and gathering together. This relates to my worldview because God wants us to gather together. He wants us to have unity amongst one another. He doesn’t want his people to be divided. If you don’t have a strong foundation with your family, how can you grow and have a strong foundation with God?

My worldview relates to various forms of community because it is the way in which I image and reflect God in the world. Helping the community and giving to those in need is what God wants from his people. From a non-religious standpoint just being involved in your community by helping with events and being compassionate towards others is relatable to my beliefs. My worldview relates to a religious community by spreading the word to the people you help and shining your light so that they will want to follow Christ.

Education is important because it gives us knowledge about the world around us. My worldview relates to education because God wants his people to have wisdom. The word wisdom is found all throughout the Bible. We can’t grow as people if we don’t have an education. God says that his people perish because of lack of knowledge. If you’re learning about the world or about God’s word there both important in surviving and intertwined in many ways.

I have three academic goals. My first academic goal is to participate in more school clubs and activities. My worldview impacts this goal because as a Christian God wants for his people to gather together, interact, and uplift one another. My second goal is to complete my internship, and my third goal is to do well in the pre-law diversity summer program. My worldview impacts these two goals because I have to figure out God’s plan for my life and if I’m going in the right direction. I remember reading in The Call it talked about a true seeker. A true seeker is someone who you can feel their purpose, energy, integrity, idealism, and desire in one answer. It is so important to know your purpose and plan in life.

I also have three spiritual goals. My first goal is to never doubt that I’m not chosen. My worldview impacts this goal because God has a particular plan for each person and we are chosen in his name. In The Call, there was the concept of choice and being chosen. A choice for modern people is a right that overwhelms both responsibility and rationality. Choice suggests the opportunity or privilege of choosing freely. But ultimately one thing can conquer choice and that is being chosen. Christ said, “I have chosen you, you have not chosen me.” My second goal is to read more scripture from the Bible so I can grow and have a better understanding of God’s word. My worldview impacts this because a Christian I have to study to show myself approved. My third goal is to start fasting and praying before I make an important decision that affects my life in the long run. My worldview impacts this goal because God tells us that somethings only come by fasting and praying. There is power in praying.

I perceive that I will integrate my worldview personally and professionally by staying true to my morals and beliefs while still respecting others who differ in religion from me. I know that everyone I meet will not agree with my worldview, but instead of bashing or being rude about to them I will encourage them and move on. Personally, I will integrate my worldview by continuing to grow in faith and learn more about what God has for my life in terms of family, friends, and community. I can also integrate my worldview professionally by having scriptures in my office and inspirational quotes on the walls to uplift me throughout the day. I plan to engage my profession with my worldview by learning daily how I can improve and grow on the job so I will never get too comfortable and not be knowledgeable. I plan to engage my culture with my worldview by creating opportunities in my community so people can learn about God’s word.

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