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The Hardships of Letting of Your Past

As humans in existence, we all have a past, either good or bad, in which we've encountered series of events and experiences, and in most cases experiences from one's past could leave a lasting scar in a person's heart or could affect an individual negatively...

The Incriminating Past of Ted Bundy

In today’s society, people often view serial killers as outcasts, unapproachable, and defiant. Ted Bundy was the opposite of all those stereotypes. He was handsome, intelligent, and a charmer. So much so, that he was suspected to have killed over 50 women and girls during...

Psychoanalysis: Connection of Our Past Childhood Experiences to the Present

The definition of personality or self is a concept that has generated many theories. How does one truly describe or measure personality? Psychoanalysis is one of the methods used to investigate the mind by using therapy as a technique to bring to surface dormant or...

Adaptation of the Past to the Modern World and Maintaining Its Essence

“Spatial structures which aided memory were continuously under threat, and would ultimately be destroyed by the forces of progress.” (Chee, 2018) This becomes especially true when remembering the past and what it used to look like can happen with just a tap on the screen,...

Nostalgia as a Result of an Unconcious Repetition

“What if the feeling we like to call nostalgia is simply the byproduct of accidental repetition?”(Klosterman pg.2), asks Chuck Klosterman. In his article ‘Nostalgia On Repeat’, he does some etymological inside architecture on the idea of nostalgia which joins the lofty analysis of obvious contemplation...

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