Overview of Baskin Robbins Dress Code Policy

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Overview of Baskin Robbins Dress Code Policy essay
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Policy and Purpose

Baskin Robbins depicts how the company expect the employees to dress at work. The Appearance of the employees of the company is indispensable when representing our company on front of clients, customers and other parties. The image of an employee can create a positive or negative impression that can affect our companies and culture.


This policy applies to all the employees of an organization.

Dress code Policy

  • Employees are expected to be attired in [casual, Business casual, Smart casual; Business attire unless the days task require otherwise.
  • The look of an employee must always be a clean. Professional appearance.
  • Everyone should be well cress and wear clean clothing having no holes, tears or different signs, designs of stamps
  • Attire should not be to revelling.

Appearance of Male & Female

  • All clothing must be clean and, well fitting, and wrinkle free--- not ripped, torn, or faded. Closing must not include rhinestones or any other items that could pose a contamination risk to food. All branded clothing must be sourced from a brand approved apparel supplier containing the current brand approved logo.
  • Shirts: franchise’s employees must wear the approved shirts.
  • During promotions, all employees of a shift should wear the same promotional T-shirt. If there are not enough promotional T-shirt for each member of a shift, then the shirt should not be worn by everyone. Employees always should start wearing promotional T-shirts on the same day and stop wearing shirt on the same day, as recommended in window readiness kits.
  • Pants must be solid shade of tan khakis or solid shade of blue denim. Pats must be straight leg, hemmed to a length to prevent contact with the floor, fit at waist, no pockets on leg, no Cargo style and no patches.
  • Short, capris, and skirts are accepted but must be no more than 2” above the knee. Cargo shorts and baggy shorts are not allowed.
  • Belts if worn, need to plain (no embellishments) and worn at the waist.
  • Name Tags worn on front left corner of the shirts. If a bib style aprons is worn, the badge must be worn on the top left corner of the aprons
  • Aprons bib or waist style accepted and must worn in food preparation and service area
  • Aprons must be removed before visiting the restroom, smoking or performing task (such as cleaning) that could contaminate the apron.
  • Apron must be tide in the back to eliminate the possibility of strings touching food, food contact surfaces and equipment.
  • Shoes must be closed toe, closed hill, non-skid shoes.
  • Cap/visor must be brand approved and worn straight with the bill facing forward.
  • Regulations require any one working with food to wear an approved hair restraint that effectively restraint hair from coming in to contact with the food or food contact surfaces.
  • Jewellery except for a plain ring such as wedding band, no jewellery may be worn on the hand and arms, no watches or bracelets of any kind.
  • All jewellery must be free of inset stones or decoration that could trap pathogens or pose a contamination risk- hoops, fathers, beads or dangling jewellery of any kind must not be worn.
  • Tattoos that may be considers offensive to guests must not be visible (e.g. Depictions of violence, foul language, nudity or symbolism.

Dress code violations

The employers must follow the rules of this policy immediately or else they may be asked by the supervisors they return home and change. Repeated breach or violations that affects the reputation or prestige of the company may engenders in disciplinary action being taken upon including termination.

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