The Strategies To Cope With Employees Who Are Always Late

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Employees who are always late can create problems in the work environment, from low morale to impact on productivity. While it is not necessarily a serious crime, the delay must be treated by supervisors in a professional and respectful manner, bearing in mind that it is the behavior (and not the person) that must be changed. Take the problem to the attention of the employee. It could be that the employee simply pays little attention to time and does not realize there is a problem or thinks that if you are not telling him anything it is that you do not notice or do not care. Allowing the employee to know that it is an issue of concern is the first step and the first thing you must do to give him an opportunity to correct the problem.

Discuss the matter with the employee and explain why it is a problem. You can explain that it affects the morale of the office by letting your co-workers see that it borders on the rules, while they are doing their part to obey. You can also explain how it impacts productivity.

Ask the employee to suggest solutions to the problem. If you feel that you are being part of the process to find better habits, you will accept it better than if you are simply told what to do.

Change the employee’s schedule to meet their needs, as long as it is not to the detriment of your organization. If a hard and fast start time of 9 in the morning is not necessary and the employee does not seem able to arrive at that time anyway, work with him to create a new work schedule, which will allow him to enter another hour late, as long as he leaves an hour later. Be careful, however, that you do not abuse the new start time.Uses official institutional measures of corrective action. Your company must have a formal process for discipline and notification of noncompliance with the rules. It can be a verbal warning for the first offense and then a written warning and termination last. If you go through the right channels, you will help the employee see that he or she should take this seriously and it also helps to cover you legally if the employee is upset if you must terminate their employment.

Put the right example with your own punctuality. If you are not punctual and arrive late consistently, give the example to your employees that this behavior is correct in the workplace. If there is a reason for you to be late, let your employees know in advance, but on the other hand keep a consistent schedule and on time so that they understand the expectations of the entire office.

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