Pros And Cons Of Dress Code In The Workplace

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A dress is one of the major needs of a human to be able to live in this world. It is our protection to different kinds of weather on this earth especially in the Philippines which is under the pacific ring of fire and Philippines have five different types of climate this is tropical monsoon, humid subtropical, tropical rainforest, tropical savannah, and oceanic. Based on the temperature in the Philippines, the coolest month of the year is between November to January in which January is the coolest month in the Philippines. The hottest weather in the Philippines is between March to October where the month of May is the hottest in the months in the Philippines. A dress is not only our protection against different kinds of climates and weather in the Philippines but sometimes it is also our protection from thieves or different kinds of bad doings that are used against us.

Through the years there are many innovations have been made in producing garments. Fabric is one of the main components to be able to make a dress or to be able to produce garments. In today’s generation, the most recent used fabric is the knit fabric which is stretchy that makes it durable. Other kinds of fabric used for creating garments are cotton voile, rayon, linen, denim, and satin. Through the years fashion has been evolved and it influences some dress codes and some etiquette around it also evolved. But some traditions hold the way it has to be worn for a good reason an example of this is the dress code in the wedding ceremony in tradition the witnesses do not wear white to a wedding ceremony to avoid upstaging the bride on her wedding day or big day, but today it is even a thing anymore because of the new fashion that has been discovered and the tradition should leave on the past. The dress code is very important and unique in different kinds of occasions it is a set of rules that especially requiring participants or people in the event to wear a prescribed dress.

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During the wedding, the old etiquette is not to wear white, black or red but now black and red are good, but white color is still not good because you could make upstage the bride. During the dinner party, it is important to know first whom you will go to eat with because when you overdress at a dinner party you can make the host of the party feel insecure and uncomfortable and if you underdress you are risking offending your dinner companions, so it is better to ask first the host of the dinner before attending or going to the party. On occasions like business dinner or company party, the proper etiquette is to wear what you usually wear during office hours. And on this occasion, you should not wear provocative dresses because you could not be taken seriously. During baptism or any religious ceremony, you should choose an outfit that is appropriate in a religious environment. Some religions have rules in dressing inside the church so you can dress like what you wear inside the church. During funeral or wake occasions, the proper etiquette is to wear black if you are mourning but in today’s tradition, you do not have to wear black but wear a respectful outfit. And at the funeral, you should not have to wear any festive design on your clothes to respect the people mourning.

On occasion wherein you are in the night at the theatre, you should recognize their theme or their regional differences, it is all about what is the theme of the night or you may wear formal clothes. For an occasion for giving a first impression like a first date or meeting you in-laws of love of your life, you have to wear what or who you really are. In giving the first impression you should wear a conservative dress if you are a woman and if you are a man you must dress in semi-formal-like clothes to be able to have a safe first impression.

The most common dress code is the dress code inside the school. The school’s dress code is the most common dress code policy in many communities. This dress code requires students to wear a uniform or a specific kind of fabric and a specific kind of color. There can be three different kinds of dress code in school, these are Physical Education uniform, regular uniform, and washday uniform which is commonly a shirt that is approved by the school to wear. There are many benefits in following these dress codes, these dress codes promote a serious school atmosphere that emphasizes good behavior. This dress code at school also promotes encouragement for the students to concentrate on their studies and less on thinking about what will they wear everyday morning until the afternoon. This dress code also reduces social conflict that will make other students feel pressure about their appearances.

Business attire has changed as time goes by, too many companies encourage their employees to wear anything they want or sometimes wear at least a polo shirt for formality. This makes the environment of the workplace to be more comfortable. But nowadays there are still companies that stick to the traditional way of giving a dress code. Other companies still set rules of standards for their employees to wear business attire because this creates a professional image in the workplace. Wearing business attire as an employee represents that they are professionals. Another good reason for wearing a proper dress code or wearing business attire on a company is to be ready when there is an unexpected guest on your company or if there is an unexpected meeting outside the company and you are the one that will represent your company. Your qualities in following dress codes during the business meeting will be remembered and will be the representation of your company. According to Matthew Randall, how an individual dress for work is a great bonus of his personal brand how an employee chooses to wear it helps the employer to impress on his skills and qualities as an employee.

The dress code at the workplace and on occasions is very important. The dress code represents your image and qualities as a professional. The dress code is important because the first impression gives a large impact in the future if he/she will meet the people the second time, and we only get one chance to have a positive first impression that’s why it is called first. The first impression is formed about how they dress on a particular occasion or situation. Being modest is one of the good traits of being a professional, it is important to be recognized for your great works rather than to be recognized for how you dress and how you follow the latest fashion. It is important to be mindful of basic etiquette for wearing appropriate attire. Following dress codes especially in business is a dress to success. And in the future, if we became an employee or employer, we are the ones who will represent our workplace of a company. The dress code cannot be ignored and true professional respects his/her workplace’s rules like dress codes. Personal expression must give justice to the rules inside the company or in the workplace. 

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