Osama Bin Laden:Arious Conspiracy Theories and Rumors

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 On May 2, 2011, Osama Bin Laden was reportedly killed my the US Navy Seals (Or better known as Seal Team six) through the operation coded as Operation Neptune Spear. However, in the wake of his death arose various conspiracy theories and rumors. Here is the main theory that appears to get massive collaboration from various sources. Osama had died many years ago prior to the coordinated attack on his said compound.

In Pakistan, some Senior officials gave accounts that there was no firefight and whoever the US Navy Seals captured outside Osama's said compound was killed outside the compound and not in as communicated by the US. The former head of Pakistani Inter Services Intelligence Hamid Gul, during an interview with CNN insinuated that he believed Osama to have died many years ago before the attack and that the accounts given by the US military were a hoax. He also added that the US government must have known about Osama's death for many years and was keeping it under wraps to capitalize on it when 'appropriate' time came.

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Bashir Qureshi, who lives close to the compound where bin Laden was shot and whose windows were blown out in the raid, was dismissive. He stated, 'Nobody believes it. We've never seen any Arabs around here, he was not here.' Additionally, A Turkish politician, Berkan Yashar stated that Osama had died in June, 2006 of natural causes and was buried. According to him, the body shown was dug out by the US and displayed to falsely validate the account that he had been killed by the assault.

In Russia, radio host Alex Jones claimed that in 2002, he had been informed by an anonymous white house source that the body of Osama had been frozen in liquid nitrogen to be rolled out during a later date. In a separate interview in 2002, Steve Pieczenic, former US diplomat and Deputy Assistant Secretary of State told Jones that Bin Laden had been dead in months. Similar comments were also made by former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright in 2003 where she stated that they had got him (meaning they had killed Osama) and that President Bush was set to roll him out soon but he never did because it was exposed at election.

The Iranian network Press TV, interviewed Author Webster Tarpley and Stephen Lendman, who both doubted the official story of bin Laden's death. Tarpley said he believed bin Laden had been dead for a long time. He also claimed that the public was deceived by a staged announcement. Both Tarpley and Lendman suggested that Obama's announcement was also an excuse to involve the United States in wars with Pakistan and Middle Eastern nations. Moreover, there was a theory that emerged stating that Osama had been killed a number of years prior in the Tora Bora mountains, but that this information had been kept secret to encourage continued support for the war on terror.

To cast even more doubt on the authenticity of Osama's death was the lack of any photographs or videos of the assault. Additionally, there is the 25-minute blackout that happened during the raid where the cameras on the helmets of the Seals were switched off. Also there is the contradicting accounts of the raid that changed the earlier assertions. Well, we all don't know anything and are just swinging on hearsay. But what if any of the accounts above is true?? what is your thought? Do you believe Osama Bin Laden is dead?

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