Opportunities And Challenges In Construction Industry In Canada And Ontario

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The construction industry of Ontario, Canada has been growing in recent years and is expected to continue growing in future. Despite this growth, 70% of contractors say they have difficulty finding more qualified people or professionals workers who fits these growing positions. This gap between the number of jobs available and the number of skilled workers is expanding enormously. Construction is one of the largest and most important industries in Canada. Construction includes a wide range of engineering projects including highways, nuclear power stations, dams, dredging, petrochemical plants and pipelines, from houses to skyscrapers, schools, hospitals, factories and shopping canters. The majority of the construction of all other industries directly affects businesses, workers and individual citizens.

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In this research, data has based on collective information like research paper, contracts, online sources, workers and supervisor at under constructing ME living condos in Markham at Ellesmere intersection at Scarborough, Toronto, ON, CA. Construction continued to expand throughout the after war period, A new construction market developed in northern Canada with the building of radars, defence installation, high rise buildings, mining, and transportation facilities. Canada has become famous for its large-scale hydroelectric power projects. For instance, Churchill Falls and James Bay Project. Due to nuclear experiments the demands of nuclear plants are increasing, Darlington Nuclear is the best example of it. It is located on the north shore of Lake Ontario in Clarington, Ontario. Ontario has grown rapidly in matter of construction among these few previous years. This province has much more land area compare to the water field. Hence it needs good transportation, residential facilities, general public places, due to multi culture it has more religion buildings, Metro services for long and quick journeys, schools, institutes, police station, fire stations, etc.

Planning, executing, managing workers, funding are all needed to meet all these demands. It needs whole process to build some residential or non-residential project. A process need a superior man to look over it and he need man, money and material to make the company better, and that’s how a industries have started to make places in business. The 21st century began with a strong industry demand for residential and commercial building projects. While major cities like Toronto continued to grow due to population demand. I made the effort and tried to meet project manager of Lash group of company, whom are launching “ME living Condos”. Unfortunately, I am not succeeded in that but I grab the opportunity to talk with supervisors and engineers. “ME living condos” are currently under construction on Markham Rd at Ellesmere Rd which is very near to my current house. These are residential building and it has 2 buildings structurally ready and more 3 to come. They are planning to make connecting buildings describe by one of their employee which is like this: - 2 building of 28 storeys and 5 building of 14 storeys.

One of the 28 storey building the construction on its peak point it has almost complete and reach to its interior stage on last 28th storey. Other one is still growing. It has already begun to sell to the people. Next phase of its construction will starts after the April month due to cold weather, it is in the air that one 34 storeys building will be also build next to these condos. I talked with them about some opportunities and challenging in this industry, they also told me about risks in whole project. For instance:

  1. Any accident would be happen so you should gave important to your safety.
  2. If you are in any stage of work but connecting to big construction project like bridge, roads and buildings then you cannot make mistake. If architect or designer make mistake in calculation then the losses have to be suffered by others. Same if engineer made mistake in quality or gave poor performance in his work then result would be dangerous.
  • What makes the Canadian industry unique? "There is real respect for openness and minimum discrimination in the Canadian market, not only in the public sector but also in the private sector” In addition they said “There is an understanding that, it is an open competition and anyone with great skill can survive here.
  • What about international market role in Canada? It has been easy for International companies to make invest and build their business here although, taxes are way higher than local people but it is worth dong construction business or job in Ontario.
  • What makes a leader successful in this environment? Canadian contractors are more innovative than perhaps they get credit for. “If you compare our industry with other international construction industries, I think we are as innovative as other. Competition is intense but if you are innovative than you can distinguish yourself from the competition. ” The industry is flush with opportunity. A leader should adopt the changes in industries and make better decision with the time, and one should think about company before personal revenue.
  • Is there greater construction yet to come? Yes, of course many new ideas and concepts are evolving in this developing country. Many different people coming from different places and construction background and bring their uniqueness with them. Canada is now bringing in a millions of immigrants every year. That’s the kind of demand and challenge for our infrastructure has to keep pace with. ” Developing has becomes more accessible and mandatory, is going to create a huge scope for bigger and more complex projects. Is new technology bother experienced owner/manager? Owners are facing the same problems like elders facing problems with cell phones. They have enough qualified people to run these projects by their own experience but now a days people admires technology over humans. In addition, they have a huge load of infrastructure work that needs to be done, both new and maintenance. With new talent you need experience and experience people need skilled workers. If two generation work together then it would be great and risk free combination for any kind of construction work, because it is the combination of skill and talent.
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