My Story About Camping with My Family

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One bright, sunny, and happy morning I woke up to my very very very annoying alarm clock. I ran up the stairs ( my bedroom is downstairs). I found a plate of eggs, bacon, and toast and on the side, it had orange juice. Just then my mouth started watering and my stomach started growling. My dad said eat up we aren't going to eat for 4 hours. After I ate my dad told me to pack for camping. I groaned and fell to the floor. I did not want to pack but I did it anyway. My family said goodby to our dogs, chickens, and rabbit. We finally left I could feel my smile climbing up my cheeks and making its way to my ears. My eyes started closing so I decided to go to sleep. When I woke up I yelled mountain goats! My family looked at each other then at me I could tell my face was turning bright red. I said what did I do? My family said that they were just talking about mountain goats. When we got to the campsite I opened the door and jumped out I layed on the ground and hugged it. I yelled yes, finally, whoo! I jumped up and helped my family unpack.

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All of a sudden I realize that we went shooting my ears felt like they were gonna explode. My dad got a trash can to shoot at, my sister michelle got a cooler, my sisters boyfriend Alex got to shoot at fake turkey, Alex's brother Vincent got to shoot at a canvas, and I didn't get to shoot at anything. Later on we went on a hike it was Beautiful, all the different colors and shapes but we were all sweating like a pigs. We decided we would go tubing. I had to plow up the tub. When it was done I felt the world had just run out of air. Eventually my family and I made it to the river. I had to go first. As I sat in the tub I felt the cold water and instantly I knew I was going to die! I realized that my hands were shaking as well as I was squeezing the handles.

When I was going down I laid my head back and put my legs out to feel the water. Boom bang boom I hit my legs on a tree. Ouhhh! I yelled. I could feel my tears falling down my face into the river. As I made it over to my family they grabbed my tub. Dad said get out of the tub and go to dry ground. Mishelle asked what happened. I tried to get out but I belly flopped instead and and a stick poked me on the bridge. I admittingly stood up and ran over to the land. I dropped to the dirty ground hurdling my leg and foot. I said that I put my legs out and they got hit by a tree and when I belly flopped a stick poked me. As Mishelle squatted down next to me she rubbed my nose. We went back to the campsite. Uhhhh. What happened here? I said. Alex got me a chair. Then he bandaged me up ( he used to be a medical person thingamabob).

When I was ready I stood up and looked around I saw my dad looking at the scratches on his truck, I saw Michelle and Alex cleaning up food. I saw vincent cleaning up paper towels and toilet paper. I walked up to my dad and said how can I help (with an encouraging smile). Dad said that I could help by getting the dog food. When we all were done cleaning we decided we would go on a walk, we could hear dogs barking so we went over where we saw a big dog and two small dogs. We went over to the dogs and everyone talked and laughed with the owners while I pet the dogs. I felt like I was floating in the warm, soft, fluffy, clouds. When we were done I felt like I was never gonna see a dog again. When we got back the campsite was a mess! I turned to look at my dad I could tell he was upset. We cleaned up again. It started raining and ruined the tent so we had to sleep in the truck topper. I could hear myself whispering I'm ok I’m ok.

The next morning we had to leave. We packed up and left while we were in the car I looked outside and thought that I was glad we were leaving because I missed my home and kind of sad because I love the mountains.

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