My Stand About Being An Anti-Abortion

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According to Merriam Webster, abortion is a medical procedure used to end pregnancy that will cause the death of the fetus inside the womb. It is an immoral act which kills an innocent and helpless human being. Our life starts in a conception and when the time the sperm reaches the eggcell, a human being has already been developed. We are already living as a human being.

We can easily end a life even in the earliest stage of pregnancy by having an abortion. Some are saying that it is just a fetus, knowing that it is not yet totally developed in the womb.

The baby in the womb is a human being, but so what? Yes, others may think that a baby in the womb does not have the ability to think and also does not have feelings to get hurt. But these babies also have the right to live just like us who are already living. They should be given the chance to see this beautiful world we’re living at. But because of the immorality of abortion, these babies have been deprived the life they deserve and the experience of seeing how beautiful this world actually is.

If aborting a baby is a crime, what charges might be given to the heartless mother who commits it? Manslaughter immediately comes to our mind isn’t it? But isn’t the feeling of guilt be enough? How can these women kill these unborn children knowing that these are made from their own blood and flesh? How can they do that to the innocent angels who hasn’t even commit a single sin and is a blessing from above? According to the Revised Penal Code of the Philippines Articles 256, 258 and 259″It shall equally protect the life of the mother and the life of the unborn from conception.” mandate imprisonment for women who undergo abortion, as well as for any person who assists in the procedure.

There are so many more eligible families who’s willing to adopt a baby than there are babies up for adoption. If the baby is unwanted, why not give it up for adoption instead of knowing you’ve killed your own flesh? Since so many couples are struggling with infertility and wanting to have children to make their family whole. If the mother does not want to keep the baby, she should just give it up to other families who are willing to take the responsibility and are also willing to take good care of the child or to those people who can give the basic needs of a person. That is why we have DSWD and Bantay Bata 163in our country that serves and protects the Filipino children.

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There are a few and rare instances where abortion is a necessary thing to do. An instance such as when the husband chooses to save the mother’s life and let the baby go in peace because there are some complications that the baby has that might give danger to the mother’s life.

On the other hand, when a mother knew that her baby has a birth defects, it is her option to choose whether to keep the baby or to let it go and abort it.

It is so unacceptable if we legalize abortion here in the Philippines because our country should be saving lives not taking them. As what Mother Theresa have said, “if we accept that a mother can kill her own child, how can we tell other people not to kill each other?” If abortion is that easily executed, how much is a human’s life worth?

Others may think that it is not bad to abort the fetus knowing that it does not have mind to think and feelings to get hurt but no matter how depressed a woman is in giving birth to a child, she should not end the life she made. She should not destroy a life. If she does not have the courage to face the consequences of her work then she should have been responsible of her doings or at least she should not make things that will give her regrets at the end.

What if you’re in the shoes of the woman bearing a child, can your conscience take the guilt if you kill an innocent baby in your womb? Would you kill the child who bears your own blood and flesh? Be firm and responsible of what you’ve done and don’t ever commit a second mistake again.

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