Importance of Ethical Values in Islam

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The ethical values are very important in human life and play a vital role in human life. Ethics /manners are complete code of life without manners we cannot spend a better life. Quran emphasized us for better ethical values. In this paper the importance of ethical values, the meaning of ethics, power of ethics are described according to SUNNAH and Holy Quran. As you know that Islam is complete code of life it tells us that how to better their ethics. It is also said that those who have not manners they are the example of animals. They never get respect in the society. Ali (RA) said that always think before you say something so that your words may not hurt to someone else. These words which you use represent your ethics/ manners. Manners are yours and your background representation. Prophet (PBUH) said that I came here for improving your manners. Prophet (PBUH) is one of best personality in whole world. Whole of His life was spent with better manners. Spreading of Islam over whole world in short time was because of better manners and unseen belief of enemies is because of manners /ethics.

Keywords: Islamic ethics, characteristic of Islamic ethics, importance of ethics according to Islam.


As we know that Religion plays a vital role in satisfying our physical as well as spiritual needs; Islam teaches us a complete code of behavior and gives us a meaning for our existence on earth. By acting upon these ethical values we can win the heart of people and make the respect to our society, family and everywhere. Those who have the better manners and better communicating they never get withdraw and they always win, they become success in every field. You can guess the power of better manners or ethics from the life of Prophet (PBUH) how He won the heart of his enemies with the best ethics. The Prophet (PBUH) is best model for the all the humanity. Ethical values are very important in our life , by following these values we can spend a better life. Islam was spread through the whole world in very short time because of the ethical values of Prophet (PBUH).Importance of ethical values according to Islam is defined as, Prophet (PBUH) said “Verily, I was sent for no other reason, except to perfect the noble traits of character'” (Muwatta Imam Malik).

These words of Prophet (PBUH) teaches us that how important is ethical values in Islam. Islam always focused on the ethical values means (manners, Akhlaaq). Islam was spreaded because of Prophets (PBUH) manners .People of MAKKAH was an unseen belief on Prophet of Islam, they knew that Prophet of Islam never lies and He was a person of believe .Even though the enemies of Prophet of Islam used to give the things as a trust because of trustworthy . They used to believe in Prophet of Islam. They call HIM as AL SADIQ and AL AMEEN. SADIQ means people of truth and AMEEN means people of trustworthy. The greatest among the miracles of Prophet was that falsehood cannot approach HIM from before HIM or behind HIM. The Quran tells us very detail and clearly mentions of the significance of good manners, just like it mentions the importance of belief, the importance of worship, and all our daily affairs. The Quran mentions several good deeds of ethics repeatedly, for example; dealing with your parents in the best manner, behavior with your relatives and neighbor should be nice, taking care of orphans and the poor, telling the truth and being honest, being sincere in all of your intentions, fulfilling your promises, treating all people fairly, behavior with neighbors and slaves all the code of life is mentioned in Quran.

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Someone said that those who have not manners /ethics they are the example of animals means there is no difference between him/her and animals. Importance of ethical values is defined in other words that “The most perfect believer in terms of belief is the one who has the highest ethics and who treats his family in the nicest way'. (Abu Dawood, Sunnah, 14). Means we cannot be a perfect believer until our ethics/ manners are best, from our words or from our action someone may not hurt. Some of importance of ethics is defined in sight of SUNNAH and HADEES as, truthfulness Prophet (PBUH) said that “I order you to be truthful, A true action leads to the path of virtue and good deeds, and virtue paves the way of a person to Paradise, and thesaid person continues to speak the truth till in the sight of God he is named SIDDIQ (Truthful). Lying leads to vice, and vice leads to indecent acts and a person goes on lying till in the sight of God he is named a liar.” (Abu Dawood, Sunnah 14).

Prophet (PBUH) used to emphasis on the truthness and tells us that those who speaks the truth they have better rank in sight of Almighty ALLAH and peoples .They have respect everywhere on the last day as well as in this world. When the Prophet (PBUH) went on the MERRAGE (to meet with ALLAH) then saw that some peoples are blooding from mouth then Prophet asked from JIBRAEEL that what did they do? Then JIBRAEEL told to Prophet that they are the people who used to spread the lie and didn’t talk the truth. Hazrat ALI ibne talib always followed these three principle in his whole life “Whoever does three things with regards to people, they will necessitate three things from him: whenever he speaks to them he is truthful; whenever they entrust him with something he does not betray them; and whenever he promises them something he fulfils it. If he does this, their hearts will love him; their tongues will praise him; and they will come to his aid.” (Ibn Muflih, Adaab ash-Shari’a).


Islam always emphasised for the trustworthy. Prophet (PBUH) said that, “Like breaching a trust and breaking one’s word, lying was also, in his words, ‘a sign of hypocrisy’.” (Abu Dawud, Adab, 80; I. Hanbal, 3.447) At the time of Prophet (PBUH) a women called a boy she said that come on, I will give you something when she denied to give thing Prophet(PBUH) said her give him if you will not give that will be lie. Prophet (PBUH) said that be reliable and loyal with all the creatures even though animals. Prophet (PBUH) said that, “You should give up deceiving animals. You should be trustworthy even in your treatment of them”. (Bukhari, Iman, 24; Muslim, Iman, 107) Once Prophet (PBUH) was asked by the one of his ASABHI (follower) that “Are we rewarded for kindness towards animals?” Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) replied, “There is a reward for kindness to every living being.” (Sahih al – Bukhari) By the trustworthy Prophet (PBUH) was called as AL-Ameen by his enemies. Even though being enemy they give very valuable things for hide as a trust. Trustworthy is one of the best ethics/behavior, it wins the heart of people.

Forbidding Suspicion and Backbiting

Qur’an declares: “O you who believe! Avoid much of suspicion for suspicion in some cases is a grave sin. And spy not, neither backbite one another. Would one of you like to eat the flesh of his dead brother? You would surely hate it. And fear God, verily God is the Acceptor of repentance, the Most Merciful. (al-Hujrat, 49.12) Backbiting is one of the bitter action; it hurts the heart people and image of that people may be effected in front of other. Islam forbids us to joke on other people or by joking we should not backbite to someone. Quran forbid the backbiting. Holy Quran declares that “O ye who believe! Let not some men among you laugh at others: It may be that the (latter) are better than the (former): Nor let some women laugh at others: It may be that the (latter are better than the (former): Nor defame nor be sarcastic to each other, nor call each other by nicknames, Ill-seeming is a name connoting wickedness, after he has believed: And those who do not desist are (indeed) doing wrong.” (Al Quran, 49: 11)


About patience Allah said in Holy Quran that, “God surely loves those who are the (patient).” And also Prophet (PBUH) says that Allah is with those who patience for good and bad. Islam emphasized us to do patience it is the our believe that whatever becomes in our life so it is for our favor and everything is from Almighty Allah we should be patience for good and bad. Those who patience they never get withdraw. Allah Almighty is always with them. There are many other ways communicate and better ethics or manners that are described in Islam and there importance. Islam is the complete code of life it teaches us every aspect of life.


Conclusion from this paper is that we should always do good behavior, because this is such a way through which we can win the heart from someone and make our respect in society. Being a religious, our religion also emphasizes to do good behaviors these behaviors may be with slaves, family, neighbor or someone else. Behaviors/ethics represent your identity. Prophet (PBUH) said that I was sent to you in order to ameliorate you behaviors/ethics. Ali (RA) said that think before that you want to say it may not happen that your words may hurt to listener so always use good words. These words represent you. You can guess the importance of ethics/ manners from this that “The most perfect believer in terms of belief is the one who has the highest ethics and who treats his family in the nicest way'. (Abu Dawood, Sunnah, 14). Means we cannot be a perfect believer until our ethics/ manners are best, from our words or from our action someone may not hurt.


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