Netiquette: Code of Good Behaviour on the Internet

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Netiquette: Code of Good Behaviour on the Internet essay
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Netiquette is a combination of the words network or a short term for internet etiquette. It is a code of good behaviour on the internet such as email, social media online chat, web forums and other types of online communication. The general idea is to respect others online. The internet provides a sense of anonymity since you often do not see or hear the people with whom you are communicating online with, but that is not an excuse for having poor manners or posting incendiary comments. Good etiquette benefits both you and others on the internet. Netiquette is just important as etiquette in real life. Think of the phrase which says' treat others how you would like to be treated'. Internet conversation sometimes can be rude insulting and unpleasant enough to make people quit that internet services. Netiquette helps to establish those rules so that a respectful and polite mean I can continue to exist when you talk to someone. Everyone can have a wonderful time and you can even make a few friends through good netiquette. It is so easy to forget that real people which are on the receiving end of whatever we post, text or tweet. It is important to think about how your actions on the Internet can be through good netiquette cybercrime can be significantly reduced.

Netiquette is very important to peer assessment because it reflects how you communicate with other people is also used to make sure you sound respectful, polite and knowledgeable when you assess your classmates assignment. Just make sure that you do not type in all capital caps because it will look like you are screaming at your peers. Manners are sometimes used everyday to make good impression on others and to feel good about oneself. No matter where you are be it at home, work or with friends practicing good manners is very important. Being polite, courteous means considering how others are feeling. It is important to use good manners when leaving a feedback because they can create an effective interaction with your peers as well as make a good impression on yourself. Good manners can also lead to good habits which lead to good personal growth as well as overall development of the society. A person with good manners is always treated good and accepted as an important person, it also reflects a lot about your background and the kind of person you are.

Receiving feedback from your peers or teachers is a motivational because it helped me to balance out my strength and weaknesses. Receiving feedback help me to grow as a person and my work assignments thatI do and I have learnt more about myself on how others see me or how they interpret my actions and behavior. It helped me to create an awareness and direction that can lead me to a professional growth. I feel that my fellow classmates learnt a lot about me as a person through the feedback that I gave them and they have learnt something in life which is about respect one another and consider other people first before you give a bad feedback.


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The essay introduces the concept of netiquette and its relevance in online communication, highlighting its parallels with real-life etiquette. It discusses how netiquette positively impacts interactions and reduces cybercrime, especially in peer assessments. The connection between good manners, personal growth, and societal development is explored. The essay emphasizes the importance of feedback for personal and professional growth, demonstrating a basic understanding of the topic. However, the analysis lacks depth and critical insights, missing opportunities to delve into the challenges of practicing netiquette or exploring various perspectives on feedback. Expanding on these aspects would elevate the essay's comprehensiveness and analytical depth.
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Depth of Analysis: Explore challenges or drawbacks associated with netiquette and delve into various perspectives on feedback. Examples and Evidence: Incorporate specific examples or case studies to illustrate the effects of netiquette and feedback in online communication. Critical Reflection: Offer deeper insights into the potential nuances of netiquette and its implications in diverse online contexts. Balanced View: Present potential counterarguments or limitations to the benefits of practicing netiquette and receiving feedback. Conclusion: Summarize key takeaways and implications for both personal growth and maintaining respectful online interactions.
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Netiquette: Code of Good Behaviour on the Internet essay

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