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Id, Ego And Superego In Christmas Carol

No one lives in the world without having a problem. Generally, a kind of problem can motivate a person to do something to be better, so they feel challenged. But, many existing problems can make me uncomfortable and anxious. Sometimes, people are capable of solving...

Icebergs And Stages: Id, Ego And Superego

What do an iceberg and a theatrical stage have in common? Well, nothing much actually, except that they both give valuable insights on the theories of human action. The iceberg is conventionally used to visualize the different levels of consciousness in our personality in psychoanalysis,...

Hansel And Gretel: Id, Ego And Superego

Introduction Hansel and Gretel (1812), transliterated by Grimm Jacob (1785-1863) and Wilhelm (1786-1859) is an amaranthine literary classic, made immortal in Grimm’s Fairy Tales. The beginning of the tale depicts a dearth of sustenance within the family, owing to which, Hansel and Gretel’s step-mother influences...

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