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Humble, Mainwairing and Pompous Pride

This is probably something that none of you know about me and that is I am a massive Dads Army fan, I have all the available episodes and movies on DVD. It’s been great to watch the lost episodes on Gold this week, now I...

How Self-Devaluation Destroys a Person From Inside

Self-devaluation is an action like self-killing. Those who want to leave the mark of their humility and courtesy in society by becoming more humble, petty and insignificant and hope that fame will be found on this basis, they roam the fools’ paradise. In society, one...

Character Qualities of the Real Superheroes

Many people think that heroes have superpowers. In fact, heroes are much more than that. A true hero is simply a brave, strong, caring and humble person. Even though their acts may not benefit them, they still do their best to save people. Heroes are...

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