How Self-Devaluation Destroys a Person From Inside

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Self-devaluation is an action like self-killing. Those who want to leave the mark of their humility and courtesy in society by becoming more humble, petty and insignificant and hope that fame will be found on this basis, they roam the fools' paradise. In society, one gets as much value, as much fame, respect, and prestige as he applies and understands his personality. No one gets the value of one's personality more than self-determined value. The method of earning respect for oneself through the path of negligence is deceit, irony and more than necessary is prejudice to one's worth. Both of these things are wrong. It is right not to express negligence for displaying humility, but to reveal its proper importance and not to be overpowered by our real importance. Those who follow this policy always get fair value and importance in society.

In addition to this type of person, there are other types of people. Those who can be called low-minded Such people consider themselves inferior and inferior in real terms. He does not have any value in his eyes. All the time, they dissolve in the same anger that they are very weak, disappointed, unworthy and inferior. Neither can do any remarkable work in the world nor can it make a place in society. His life has no value or importance. They are going to live like a burden on the earth. People of this poor and inferior attitude are surely very pathetic. Even if such a life is considered self-murder, it is not unreasonable. There is no difference in killing a weapon or destroying the superiority of your soul with your thoughts, feelings, and imagination. That is classical abuses, this ideological self-abuse. Such men are psychopathic. Whoever gets the feeling of this humble instinct inside them should be ready to do their treatment. Otherwise, their whole life will be spent crying and wailing and cropping, and they will not get any benefit from it.

It is a definite rule that if we do not believe in ourselves, even if we are not, then we will become like that. The world will also obey us accordingly. There are many such rich, powerful, learned and talented people in the world who see the society with a very low vision. No one values them and neither evaluates anything. They remain humble and weak in their behavior, talk, and personality. Despite a lot, they carry a negligible life load. The reason for this is nothing but their self-inferiority and devaluation. His humble and false thoughts suck the blood of his characteristics like a phantom. The inferior person-human shape consists of nothing but a moving skeleton. What happiness and satisfaction can there be in spending such a damn life - it cannot be said.

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