St. Bernadette: The Woman That Inspires Me

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The qualities that St. Bernadette of Soubirous has that I admire are; being humble, being modest, being obedient, and loving. I admire these qualities because they make a person better. Saint Bernadette was modest and humble because, she didn’t brag about seeing Mother Mary, and didn’t care about the attention she was getting. All she was doing was telling people that Mother Mary appeared to her, she just wanted to let people know that people are watching over them, taking into consideration of what people are doing. She did get lots of attention but, she didn’t take it for granted. Yes, she was happy about the attention, but it doesn’t mean that she wanted more. She was happy because people started to pay attention to the good in life.  Saint Bernadette is obedient because she listened and did everything Mother Mary said to her. For an example, Mother Mary told Bernadette to continue to meet her at the grotto, so Bernadette obeyed Mary and went to the grotto whenever Mary told her too.

I know people would continue to go to a place if Mother Mary told them to, but the thing is you don’t really know for sure if what you’re seeing is actually there, you could be dreaming of it, but either way, Bernadette believed of what she saw and thought it was real. Since she thought it was real, she continued to go there, even if her parents were worried about her she would still go. Mary liked that about Bernadette, because Bernadette listened to her faith if it's calling for her. Another example is that, when Mary told her 'to drink of the water and, to wash in it and to eat the plant that grew there' she did. The next day the grotto’s muddy and unclean water turned into clean and fresh water and continued to flow.

Saint Bernadette of Soubirous, was loving because she loved her family very much, even if they couldn’t offer her a lot because, they were poor, she still loved them. She also loved her faith and religion very much, so much that even though visiting Mother Mary, made her family embarrassed because they thought she was going crazy. Now for the reason why I choose Saint Bernadette of Soubirous, it’s because, I think it’s really amazing at the fact that this woman saw Mother Mary, the Mother Of God. It’s amazing because, Bernadette brought friends and her sister to the grotto when it happened and only Bernadette could see her, her friends and sister couldn’t.

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