Home Cooked Meals Vs. Fast Food: Comparing Nutritious Benefits

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Nowadays many people of all ages are becoming more obese simply because they choose to take the easier route when it comes to their appetite; however, the easier route may not be the one that’s healthiest. The vast majority are not cooking as much, which is why fast food has become so popular. In this paper, I will talk about why I favor home cooked meals compared to fast food regarding one being more healthy, variety of different food decisions, speed, and how home cooked meals bring togetherness.

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To begin, home cooked meals are viewed as a lot healthier than fast food for reasons because you know what you are putting in your food and the ingredients. While cooking at home you won't include something that you know isn't beneficial for you so you can keep track of what you and your family are going to eat. Home cooked food consists of natural ingredients which makes your food have the right vitamins and nourishment, while fast food contains lots of sodium, fats, sugars, and many calories. I am not saying you should never eat fast food, because as a teenager, I know it is okay to indulge oneself once in a while, but eating fast food as a supplement for every meal is definitely not good for you.

Most people love the idea of going out to eat because the food is really tasty and looks very delicious. The vast majority of fast food restaurants have worthy meals and it makes it even more affordable so people can buy. Where I live, there's a fast food place within about anyone’s reach which makes it convenient for a lot of people because it's close by, quick, and easy. According to Adult Obesity by Harvard Public School of Health 'roughly two out of three U.S. adults are overweight (69 percent) and one out of three are obese.” That’s a huge part of our society and a large contributor is fast food chains.

Also, nowadays, with peoples busy lives, they most likely do not have the time to cook and would rather go to a fast food stop where they could get food on the go after a long day of work and be able to feed their family in no time without the effort of preparing a home cooked meal. Since I have grown up without much fast food in my diet I know that eating a well-balanced home cooked meal is a lot healthier for you and still now I have been able to learn how to prepare a meal for myself, and I have been taught a valuable lesson in health and money-saving skills. It also shows kids from an early start that home cooked meals can still be prepared in even the busiest families as it is an important time to be together and talk about each other's days.

To conclude, cooking at home may take some time out of one's day but you also save money and it brings uncanny benefits to families, so we should all strive to eat healthier. With home-cooked meals one knows exactly what is in the meal and one can modify the flavoring or ingredients exactly to their liking. There are undeniable benefits of cooking at home unlike eating out. In spite of the fact that fast foods spare people from the hustle of buying and preparing food, when it comes to the seriousness of health matters, home cooking is significant to a person's life. 

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