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Natural Source of Caffeine and Its Role

Humans have been consuming caffeine since the Stone Age in which they found that through chewing the seeds, bark or leaves of certain plants enable them to reduce fatigue, increase alertness and elevating their mood. Only much later, they realized effects are more effective by...

If Caffeine Contains the Properties of a Mutagen

Many common products, like preserved foods, cleaning agents, and vehicle airbags, contain known mutagens that are hazardous to humans. Caffeine is present in coffee and energy drinks, beverages consumed on an everyday basis by many people. It is important to recognize how interactions with these...

Measuring the Caffeine Content in Energy Drinks

Background Knowledge Caffeine is a stimulant of a nervous system of the methylxanthine class and it’s an addictive drug which is produced by extracting steeping (the material of the plant in the water) through infusion. Infusion is an action taking place for extracting flavours and...

Energy Drink Induced Metabolic Stress In Rats

Aims: This study was carried out to comparatively assess the potentiating effects of majorly consumed brands of energy drinks (red bull, power horse and bullet) on several metabolic stress indicators Methods: The study comprised four groups. Group I which served as control had normal feed...

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