The Health Hazards Associated with Excessive Energy Drink Consumption

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Good morning student’s Ms Dohnowlie and respected guest. I this speech I will try to change your opinion on energy drinks. Like most teenagers I used to drink energy drinks. That was before I researched how unhealthy they are. Many teenagers’ abuse energy drinks, they drink one or more a day and when they do that bad things can happen. For example 15 year old Brian Shepherd from Toronto dies a tragic death. He was perfectly healthy, no medical history yet he still died from over dosing on caffeine. After his awful death his father Jim Shepherd was outraged and began to start campaigning to ban energy drinks. He has a Facebook page called energy drinks Jim Shepherd were he tells his story and attempts to make a change in our society.

There have been many accidents that have involved energy drinks the entire world. Some of the dreadful consequences of energy drinks are heart attacks cardiac arrest high blood pressure unmoral heart beat heart burn which can easily turn into arrhythmia. Just since 2008 there has been over 20,000 humans taken to the emergency room that were linked to energy drinks. One of the more dangerous energy drinks are energy shots. Since 2008 there have been 13 deaths just from 5 hour energy, a very popular energy shot. Energy shots are very dangerous because there are many risks when you consume so much caffeine at once. In 5 hour energy there is 200 mg of caffeine that is just as much as two small cups of regular coffee. Energy drinks such as monster and red bull seem to be targeting to a younger audience. Both of these companies have been taken to court and have been sued for the deaths of three young children.

There is a solution to this problem and that solution would be to ban energy dinks or to at least have an age requirement. Many countries around the world have fought to have energy drinks banned. As they have yet to be banned from stores many schools have taken a step to ban them. Many elementary schools have already banned them and now there are even certain high schools that have put a stop to energy drinks. For example schools in Florida and Queensland. There has even been debate to whether they should be banned in the surrey school district. School district 36 has been debating to ban these drinks for a fair bit of time. They will continue to push this message and will not stop until a change is made.

If there were to be a change and energy drinks had been band the world would change around us. Kids and adults would be healthier and the disease rate would go down. The 13 deaths of teenagers from 5 hour energy would have never happened and they could be living great lives as we speak. The 20,000 that were taken to the egmergency room would be way more healthy and there would be a lot less stress on there families. If you look at all the fcts why aren’t they baned if so many people are diseased and even dead why hasn’t change been already made. Life would be better there would be less stress about health.

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