A Critical Analysis of the Marketing of the Go-Go Sexy Energy Drink

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Go-Go Sexy Energy Drink Critique

The positioning strategy of the Go-Go Sexy energy drink is primarily focused on young teens and adults from the ages of 15-25 years old who are on the go and need a fast energy boost. They are also targeting those who are attending colleges and clubs with the intentions to raise brand awareness and attributes of the product such as good taste, fair price and giving that extra energy boost that people need. I believe that this is the central theme that this product is trying to achieve in order from them to become successful in their attempts to be marketable and successful in introducing this new product on the market.

As far as sales and recognition are concerned, I strongly feel that this ad campaign will not be successful in sales but might have done a fair job in getting the product recognized in the market through their efforts. The reason that I believe this ad campaign will not be successful as far as sales are mainly because of their target audience and because of their market segmentation. On top of those two key issues, I also believe that introducing another unknown energy drink in the U.S. market is unprofitable when you are challenging other successful brands such as Red Bull, Sobe and the many others that have been a mainstay in the American markets. If it was another product they might have had a chance to be in the competition. Although they might have done a good job in brand recognition through the various print and media efforts, I strongly believe that sales will not be compatible with their efforts put forth through brand awareness and recognition.

If I had the opportunity to market the Go-Go Sexy energy drink I would do things quite a bit differently. Some suggestions that I would offer would be to change the segments that they are marketing too. Trial usages of the product is not a bad idea, but why not introduce it somewhere like Europe where energy drinks account for 4% of the adult soft drink market with sales of over one billion dollars a year. It is like the old saying, œIf you can’t beat join them. If you want to be successful start someplace where your product is known and can be used. The other change that I would make if it was just marketed in the U.S. would be not spending millions of dollars through major television and print ads. I would first introduce the drink to the local market reaching major night clubs and fitness centers. Then as awareness grows and word of mouth spreads I would slowly integrate the idea of print ads and then television would be my last option. I would choose this route because you don’t won’t to introduce the product to quickly through T.V without it being known and have a major bust with a bad 20-30 second commercial. So why not just gradually build awareness through the channels that I mentioned before and just build from their and then you can just modify your budget and spending according to the growth and feedback you get from your consumers. These are just my suggestions that I would hope could help the Go-Go Sexy energy drink become successful in these demanding markets.

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