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Ptolemaic Coinage as a Source of Propaganda

The minting of coinage during the Hellenistic period is a representation of propaganda that kings and queens used to establish themselves as the rulers of the rising successors kingdoms. The portrait representation of the Ptolemaic dynasty on coinage is a source of propaganda which was...

Research on the Greek Influence on the Roman Empire

Ancient Greece has long been considered as the cradle of civilization. Its ideas of architecture, literature, art, and even religion, all played significant roles in the development of future civilizations, especially in the development of the Roman Empire. From their expanded boundaries, Greece was the...

A Brief Look at Culture of the Hellenistic Period

Civilizations through history have lifespans, just like an individual person. Just at the time the Classical Period (roughly the fourth and fifth centuries B.C.E.) was dying, the newborn Hellenistic Period was smashing its way through the Mediterranean, Persia, and the Punjab all thanks to the...

Comprassion of Ancient Greek Art from Different Periods

Ancient Greek, Art was one of the most artistically and architecturally sounded times on earth we know Throughout the years of ancient Greek art there was four main periods of art throughout ancient Greece. Geometric period from 1100 BCE to 750 BCE. Archaic 750-480 BCE....

Characteristics of Art During the Hellenistic Period

The beauty of Greek and ancient Roman art is you can find answers to an array of questions regarding their mysterious and fascinating past. During the Hellenistic period, there was a clear shift to realism from idealism in their sculptures. This sculpture pushed the standards,...

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