Essay Samples on Experience

My Desire To Become A Healthcare Professional

Growing up alongside my grandmother who suffered from COPD, has made me more inquisitive about finding out the primary cause of different diagnoses. I began by reading information from a wide range of sources on COPD, which compelled me to choose science-based subjects for A-Level….

My Experience Of Race Prejudice

When I was a new entrant to Queenstown Primary School, I was put into a special language program called the “Learning Centre” for children who struggled communicating in English. To a person who was born in New Zealand and whose English was their first language…

Everyone Else Is Doing It

October 16th/2015, a day that everyone in my family will never forget. While the whole family is gathering at the same time, waiting for my cousin till he arrived, so the whole family can eat the dinner together. My Uncle has a phone call from…

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