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The Absolutist Moral Principle of Pacifism

Extreme or absolutist views of pacifism advocate for the complete rejection of violence and war and perpetuate the view that under no circumstances can these be morally justified; this obviously includes cases of self-defence as well as defence of others. This form of moral thought...

The Resale Value of the Cars in Cars24 Startup

Incorporated in 2015 by FabFurnish founders Vikram Chopra and Mehul Agrawal, the idea behind the startup was to aim at creating a market out of the sale of used cars in India. They have grown quit wonderfully to have spread across 10 major cities and...

Renting and Driving Luxury and Exotic Cars

Why do people rent luxury and exotic cars? It’s an easy question and there some obvious reasons for it. First of all, this is due to the opportunity of making any event special. A birthday or wedding party would be really fabulous if you were...

Sad Story About Dog in My Life

We take many good things in our life for granted and only realize the significance of them when they are gone. I still remember that day, a lovely fall day, with a clear sky and bright sun, and seemed that nothing can interrupt its tranquility...

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