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Thawing Out Secrets: Why Edward Snowden Deserves to Be Made an American Hero

Edward Snowden a computer engineer, worked for many government agencies. He was self taught without any type of certification or degree.. All of these jobs he occupied and a clean history gave him top-secret clearance. This gave him access to information that he viewed as...

The Life of Edward Snowden: A Famous Whistleblower

Edward Snowden needs no introduction. The seemingly innocuous guy caused a major world upheaval when he released thousands of documents showing that the American government was not only spying on its citizens, but also on other world leaders who were supposed to be allies. These...

The Patriotism of Edward Snowden's Case

Edward Snowden. One name, one man, a person almost everyone in the information technology field has herd about. That one name can fill peoples mind with hatred or with respect and gratitude, sparking a debate that will last for years to come. How can one...

Edward Snowden Controversy: A Hero or A Traitor

What would you do with all the information from the government? Well, think about it, would you do what twenty-nine-year old Edward Snowden did or would you keep the documents and let off all the information to other countries? Edward Snowden is considered a hero....

Edward Snowden: A Fighter for Public Privacy

The world we live in today is dominated by technology whether it be through our smartphones, through the hundreds of cameras that we are seen on every day, or even our watches that monitor us as we sleep. For the most part, technology has done...

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