Divine Role Of Excellence In Human Life

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The small progress which is embellished with excellence and excellence is far more auspicious, welfare, great and desirable than the vast expansions that have been made by basing the worst measures. A little but excellent is a divine principle, which makes all the activities in the field from the people, from the material to the next, to the soul, and to make their fruit spiritual.

If many people who walk with the aim of excessive are protected from excellence, then this rule will be an exception. It is natural to have the possibility of degradation in excessive judgment. This is the reason that knowledge, scholars, and mystics have taught humanity satisfaction and have forbidden thirst, greed, and greed. Otherwise the scholars of the time of the rise of the person and the society not be the cause of impedance or limitations. They have not prohibited the extreme and expansionist policy of human beings to block their progress, but they have done so that the person falling in the subordinate expansion of the benefits and destinies is not able to protect excellence in life.

Assuming that materialism is an abusive or materialist, there are no sinners, not right. Materialism is also essential in human life. The birth of our human body is only with five-materialism. His needs are also physical. Real Spirituality does not fulfill the journey of the body. Materialism is also needed in the world, but to the extent that it does not affect the area of the soul. Materiality is needed until body subsistence when it comes to excess, excess, or expansion of faults, then the necessity of subsistence becomes unreasonable. For that subsistence of the body, virtually everything is needed, man does not need to do any such work, whose effect is to throw poison on the soul.

If there is a need to take physicality on the necessity, then it will not bring any kind of harm to the soul, and that non-spirituality of materialism, which does not affect the soul, will also be called spirituality. There is no strange thing different from the spirituality world. He is an attitude of excellence embellished by a person, whose physical and spiritual any subject or behavior becomes spiritual.

By moving ahead with the means necessary for the journey of life, when a person becomes a worshiper of materialism by making ‘his excess’ or extension his goal and begins to neglect self-defense then such poor materialism is pronounced utterly and thus Only materialist is seen with the following view: By protecting the soul by excellence, whatever physical progress it can make. Such a man and a holy person look physically or materially from outside, but it is also virtually spiritual. The credit path of such great things is always inexhaustible and inanimate.

But the cultivation of spirituality by materialism is a daunting task. Neither this practice can be done normally, nor can it be done by the general public. That is why the well-wisher sages of society have stabilized the principle on the basis of experience and practice that human beings should fulfill their conditions of satisfying satisfaction of living away from physical delights and thus should live life, thus the world will also go and the soul is also protected. This principle can also be expressed in some words of ‘excellent on a little’.

In the place of excellence, meditating on excellence in the world, they are saved from the crisis of delinquency. His body and soul, people and worldly life, along with love and credit, are equally adorned and rejoiced. All of us should sacrifice the excellence of excess and accept excellence. By this desirable eclipse, our materialism will become joyful and peaceful just like Spiritualism.

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