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Divine Role Of Excellence In Human Life

The small progress which is embellished with excellence and excellence is far more auspicious, welfare, great and desirable than the vast expansions that have been made by basing the worst measures. A little but excellent is a divine principle, which makes all the activities in...

Compulsive Consumerism and Materialism and Advertisments

For numerous amount of years, people have been compulsive consumers as the economy influenced materialism. Consumerism is the act of advertisements for getting people to buy what they don’t need even though they don’t have money. Materialism is considering materialistic possession for physical comfort instead...

Materialism as the Reason for Happiness

We all want to be happy and cope with the struggles life throws at us. But one of the main ways of finding temporary happiness are turning to materialistic objects, which can impact our true happiness. Materialism can lead to an individual to become selfish,...

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