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Dental Assistant: Why I Want To Be A Dental Assistant 

Growing up in life, I have always wanted to become many things such as a Teacher, Veterinarian, Nurse, and so forth. Never would’ve thought to see myself in college to study and practice becoming a Dental Assistant after the birth of my daughter. I feel...

My Aspirations to Become a Professional Dental Hygienist

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The career that I’m most interested in is a dental hygienist. From elementary to my senior year of high school I had crooked teeth. Going through that experience was embarrassing, which is why I would rather stay away from people and cover my mouth when...

Reasons of Dental Anxiety Development Among Women and Men

Introduction Good oral hygiene is an important aspect of good general well being throughout life. It can be accomplished by proper self as well as professional care amongst individuals. Regular dental visits and professional dental care gives a better oral health, opportunity of early diagnosis,...

Adapting To Eco-Friendly Dental Care Solutions

Dentistry is going Green?! There are a number of eco-friendly disruptions brought on by socially minded groups that are happening in dentistry that are highlighting my dental practice’s competitive vulnerabilities, while at the same time representing opportunities to turn those vulnerabilities into sustainable competitive advantages...

Benefits of the Regular Dentist Visits

The most common occurrence observed is that people debarred from going to a dentist. The time span can vary from months to years. Yes, many such people are there who haven't been to the dentist for years. If you are among those people, then it...

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