Coca-Cola In Global Fight Towards Obesity

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Coca-Cola is one of the most popular brand in the world. It is also the highest selling soft drink in history. Coca-Cola is developing its business future plan is to become a total beverage company by giving people more of the drinks they demand which includes option such as low and no-sugar coke. Furthermore, to provide packages sold in more locations. As the leader of the beverage industry, Coca-Cola company chose to walk the talk when it comes to the global fight towards obesity.

First, the company rethinks about the Coca-Cola drinks and the package sizes. They tend to make new design, shape and sizes by time to time. The Coca-Cola company also came out with this idea of reducing calories and sugar because we all know that sugar somehow is fine, but too much of it is not good for anyone’s health. Thus, Coca-Cola is making low and zero sugar drinks more visible and available, so people can find it more convenient when they want to grab some of the Coca-Cola products. Other than that, the company also contributes smaller, more convenient packaging and making it easier for everyone to know their consumption in consuming sugar level and enjoy the drinks. According to Camilla Osborne, 24 January 2017, Coca-Cola has announced that Appletiser is the newest product of the Coca-Cola portfolio. Appletiser is a well-known and loved by most of adults as their beverage and considerate treat. Furthermore, Appletiser is a home grown South-African brand. In the year 1981, Appletiser launched two brands which is Red and White Grapetiser but today it has grown into five variants, namely Appletiser Amber, Peartiser, White Grapetiser, Red Grapetiser, Appletiser Pink, with Appletiser as the mother brand.

According to the article of “South Africa’s PET Plastic Recycling Rates Close in On European Standard” in recent years, countries that want to increase their recycling numbers have looked at European innovators of fields, such as Germany and Austria, for inspirational and effective models. But they should consider taking some notes from South Africa as well. African Business magazine reported, more than 2 billion bottles of PET plastic bottles used to pack products made by Coca-Cola and other brands were collected and recycled in South Africa in 2016. The country has experienced an increase of 822% in recycling since 2005. South Africa is also the first African country to use recycled PET for Coca-Cola products after the PET bottle recycling plant for Africa’s first bottle opened in Johannesburg by 2015.

The recycling system in South Africa clearly maintains the growing use of PET plastic in the country; PETCO also reported a 22% increase from 2015 in the number of post-consumer PET bottles recycled during the year. PETCO, which has been in existence since 2004, makes PET recycling more sustainable for recycling companies by subsidizing them to buy PET bottles after the collected users and recycle new products. Casper Durandt, the PETCO chairman and franchise technical manager for Coca-Cola South Africa, said the PET threat of PET plastic taxes from the country’s environmental affairs minister has motivated the industry to cooperate throughout the years.

Next, Coca-Cola also did a campaign called “Share a Coke”. The campaign was first launched in Australia in 2012 and the later in Britain in 2013. The campaign is being repeated in South Africa from from September 2013 to February 2014. The objectives of the Coca-Cola “Share a Coke” campaign is to increase their sales. The second objective is to engage customers by talking to them. They wanted this campaign to create a platform where people will not only consume the Coca-Cola products but also make them prefer Coca-Cola brands.

Another program Coca-Cola did was the “Coke Studio”. Coke Studio Africa recently featured the CNN Marketplace Africa, a global broadcasting segment that includes macro

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