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The Distinctive Characteristic of Charlemagne’s Rule

Charles the first was born roughly in the 740’s AD however, his servant Einhard had dated his death in January of 814 at the age of 72 which would put his date of birth in 742. His place of birth was Francia and estimated by...

Becoming Charlemagne: A Look at the Rise and Fall of the Roman Leader

Pope Leo III put the old Rome crown on a Germanic king named Karl on Christmas morning in the year 800. With a single event, the man subsequently known as Charlemagne asserted his empire and permanently influenced the landscape of Europe. Becoming Charlemagne informs the...

The Building of European Union After Charlemagne's Governance

The stability and “nation- state” has disappeared since the coming of “the Barbarians” out of central Europe in the first centuries. The Franks in old Gaul and the Lombards in Italy were the major powers. Lombardic kingdom was well developed and Romanized, while Franks were...

The Father of Europe: The Life of Charlemagne

“I’m the successor, not of Louis XVI, but of Charlemagne.” Napoleon Bonaparte proclaimed this at his coronation as emperor of France in 1804. This was a thousand years after Pope Leo crowned Charles I, commonly known as Charlemagne, the first Holy Roman Emperor in 800,...

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