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Algebra Errors and Misconceptions in Mathematics Education

The National Curriculum specifies that in upper KS2 - years 5 & 6, pupils should be introduced to the language of algebra as a means for solving a variety of problems, before becoming an intrinsic part of mathematics at KS3. In the year 4 programme...

Gottfried von Wilhelm Leibniz and Invention of Calculus

Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz was born on July 1, 1646 in Leipzig, Germany. He is best recognized for being one of the founding fathers of calculus, along with Sir Isaac Newton. His nickname is the last “Universal Genius” because his work spanned across many areas...

The Development of Calculus and My Routinary Activities Connected with Calculus

Calculus - A subject that has amassed over different concepts, theorems, and the like. Its complex structure is that of a key figure in the world of mathematics. As far as history goes, the invention of calculus was a great advancement; a marvelous achievement to be added to...

Two Types of Statistics: Descriptive and Inferential

Statistics is sub field of both science and mathematics as it uses the rules from these two fields. It works with the calculations and quantifications of data, scrutinizing it, elucidating, and dispensing it in the best form. The students of this subject collect the data...

Relation of Usain Bolt's Running Speed to Calculus

Usain Bolt is factually the fastest sprinter in the world, of the human race that is. Many people have analyzed his running speeds in relation to physiology and training factors but in the articles I focused on, they performed the math behind it. These articles...

Mathematics In Every Aspect Around Us

Mathematics, as complex and absurd it may sound, is literally everywhere. Everywhere in a sense that it is frequently applied in our day-to-day activities, such as cooking (when we make correct measurements of ingredients), planning our daily agenda (how much time we will allocate for...

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