Broad Concept of Cannabis in Medicine and Health

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Cannabis is a broad concept for the meaning of any type of cannabis-based product. This is like marijuana, weed, grass. It has advantages and disadvantages. Cannabis has different effects on people, quite often they start to be crazy and they get the pleasure to enjoy. It is dangerous, but at the same time, doctors can use cannabis in medicine.

Already 200 years before that time, cannabis was used as a medicine in the Hellenic territory and a century later in the works of Dioscorides in Rome. Similar practices were also observed in the following epochs - from late antiquity to the New Time. Hemp was used in different regions of the Eurasian continent - from modern England to the Far East. At one time, cannabis was the leading plant in the world and was completely legal, because it was used to make fabrics, lamp oil, paper, and much more.

From November 2018, medical persons start to use cannabis in medicine. Very few people can get a prescription for medical drugs in England. It is given for children and with hard, severe forms of epilepsy or adults with vomiting or nausea caused by chemotherapy. This is dangerous, persons have problems with health, and this is the chance, which can help. Most doctors have been unwilling to write prescriptions for medicines because they have not been through randomized controlled trials. Many products can be purchased online without a prescription. These products can also be illegal and potentially menacing. Society has a different opinion about using drugs.

In Europe, cannabis use has featured in folk medicine, for example in Germany, where sprigs of cannabis were laid directly an anti-convulsive treatment or with a difficult childbirth. Cannabis is a Class B drug in the UK under the law. It is considered illegal: to own or supply cannabis products for medical purposes without a prescription, to produce or send cannabis products that are not for medical use, to smoke cannabis or cannabis products for medical use.

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In the majority of cases of claimed beneficial therapeutic use of cannabis, it is either smoked/inhaled or eaten. However, it is also used in poultices, mixed with alcohol as a tincture or included in ointments or creams. Cannabis stimulates the cardiovascular system, like mild exercise, or falling in love. Stimulates heart-rate, dilates blood-vessels throughout-circulatory system. Cools the extremities. It helps to bring down fevers. Sometimes lowers blood pressure. As with other drug users, the age of cannabis users who are sensitive to its effects is small.

There are also other ways of using cannabis (not only in medicine). The most popular and convenient way to use cannabis is through a smoking pipe. This device is the most popular among cannabis connoisseurs around the world. The tube has many advantages - it is small, portable, easy to use. People also use vaporizers (evaporator) - a logical choice of consumers who care about their health. Former smokers switch to vaporizers.

Some consumers prefer to use cannabis through the mouth. Tinctures are a liquid cannabis extract preferred by consumers who value the precise dosage, health safety, and quick effects. Cannabinoids form a group of substances, some of which are contained in the cannabis Sativa plant. Plants are known as phytocannabinoids. Two other types are produced naturally in the human body - endo-cannabinoids and the third type produced chemically in a lab environment called synthetic cannabinoids.

The cannabinoid has two receptor types. The first type is the central nervous system. It concentrated on the cerebral cortex, cerebellum, basal ganglia, hypothalamus, the hippocampus. Cannabinol binds: mild hallucinations, decreased stress, impaired learning, and memory, altered coordination, increased appetite, analgesia, and activate the body's opioid system.

The second type is the immune system and the peripheral nerve terminals. The cannabidiol binds type two: anti-inflammatory and analgesic. The bad effects of cannabis use will be affected by many factors, some of which will be under the user has control, while others will not. Factors such as: the consumer's mood, what method of use, whether other substances were used at the same time or before (dose), a novice or an experienced person, the excretion time of the drug from the body (its half-life) or whether there are any physical or psychological problems at the moment.

The often-quoted health problems, risks, and possible side effects that are considered by people who wish to use cannabis: slowing of reaction, hallucinations, and delusions, panic attacks, more dangers when used with tobacco, dry mouth, can increase in heart rate and workload on the heart, development of tolerance, causing red-eye, reduces coordination, adverse effects on stability and balance.

The relationship between human beings and hemp goes back centuries. Unlike synthetic drugs, marijuana is a natural product. In many countries, it has a long tradition of smoking, and some social movements consider marijuana use part of their philosophy. Therefore, it is very difficult to put cannabis in lines with drugs like the same heroin that are created artificially and undoubtedly have an extremely destructive effect on human health and psyche.  

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