Why I Prefer Mountain Climbing to Other Leisure Activities

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Table of contents

  1. Activity Description
  2. Personal Analysis
  3. Conceptual Analysis

Activity Description

The fact that there were a considerable number of events to choose from in our leisure event, we had to pick an event that could be endorsed by every student. In other words, the event had to meet the needs of every student. As such, we chose to spend time in mountain and rock climbing. The participants constituted all the students since no one among us was disabled or was physically challenged. There were many places to choose from; however, Mt Kilimanjaro stood out among the many that were voted for; therefore we set to travel to Africa to relish and enjoy the whole experience.

The fact that our chosen activity would take place in Tanzania Africa, we had to travel and therefore had to incur a number of expenses such as travel, accommodation, and other minor expenditures. We also had to procure mountain climbing gears and equipment such as ropes, Helmet, Harness, Crampons, Ice axe, and boots among others. We had some of these items while we had to purchase others. The whole experience constituted the adventuring of the forest surrounding the mountain. We also engaged in rock climbing, hunting, camping, and other minor activities. The fact that we were amateurs, we did not fully climb the mountain. Everyone went to their level best since no one was there to compel us. Besides, we engaged in team work activities such as the tug of war, Scavenger hunt, Human Knot, Show and tell, Battle of airbands, and Egg drop among others.

Personal Analysis

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As much as there were other suggestions for other leisure events to participate in, I chose mountain climbing due to a number of reasons, most notably, it is essential in terms of an individual’s health. Climbing uses a lot of muscles both in the upper and lower body. The back, abdominal parts, and the legs all get exercised. Besides, it is good for mental health and the overall wellbeing of an individual. In other words, climbing provides a wealth of health benefits including a person’s self-esteem, mental agility, and self-awareness. It is also a great stress reliever and a complete body workout, therefore it is good for the overall well-being

Some of the benefits I received from my participation include; the improvement and boosting of my overall welfare i.e. the activities involved in the whole experience helped to reduce stress, boost my self-esteem, enhance team work, and improve my muscles. I only clenched I slight understanding and skill of mountain climbing, meaning that, just like others, I was still an amateur. However, the fact that I was a beginner did not hinder or deter the smooth set and running of operations. We engaged in the activities just like pros since we were passionate about it and we had an expert who was directing us. Generally, I experienced what I intended in the event. Some of the intentions I had for the event include; the reduction of stress, the elevation of self-esteem, Group and team-work improvements, and physical benefits such as smooth working of muscles.

Since the whole experience was wonderful and amazing, I intend to pursue it later on in my life. I want to make mountain climbing a hobby and a pastime. I will need to be more focused if am to reap the benefits of the activity and that calls of commitment and determination which am sure I can offer.

Conceptual Analysis

Leisure clasps different definitions however most notably, leisure is the unrestricted time spent in non-obligatory activities. Either active or passive, this moment is recreational, and this remains to be one of the most vital and essential functions of leisure (Arem et al., 2015). Leisure relates to human behavior in the sense that, one obtains the ability to concentrate on other things apart from work and day-to-day duties. It formulates and develops imagination, creativity, strength, will-power and offers extra energy.

The way leisure is spent depends on a number of things. The most notable factors include age and culture. Culture limits the manner in which leisure is spent in an effort to drive people to conform to the expectations of the society (Veblen, 2017). Age on the other hand is a determining factor and is buttressed by the fact that old and aged persons engage in cool and non-tiring activities whereas the younger generation engages in rapid activities since they are strong enough to handle solid tasks.

The whole mountain climbing experience considerably altered my perception for leisure. We learnt a number of things in class and in theory and when we went out, we were more than excited to exercise and experience them. On my part, I was mentally fueled and physically stimulated. The event took only a week but the benefits were more. Our event fully supports the current trends of leisure. A good example is travelling miles away from home or the place one is used to. It was a way of refreshing and rejuvenating the mind. In other words, Leisure is a restore knob which relieves stress and other forms of fatigue. It brings in the sense of personal happiness which is the basic reflection of one’s health.

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