Why Divorces Become More Frequent: Research Study

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Pothen (2002), studied 200 divorced men and 200 divorced women. She found that husbands and wives had great expectations about their future partners before marriage, which were not fulfilled in marriage. Strains in their marital life started when these expectations did not meet reality. Majority of her male respondents preferred to live in joint family while females did not. Women were found to have shown greater progress in education in the post divorce period as compared to men. The rate of remarriages among her male respondents was more than that of the female respondents.

Chaudhary (2003), studied 125 divorced couples. His study revealed that it is the social and biological factors that led to the break up of marriages. The relationship between husband and wife become strained due to the irritative nature of partner illicit relations, chronic diseases and poverty. However, the period of the spouses staying together before divorce is greater in those cases where relations are strained by biological factors. The study also showed that if illicit relations are viewed as simple resultant of role conflict or, maladjustment in family, then it is the environmental factor that is most responsible for the cause of divorce then personality factors.

Devi, (2005), conducted a study on “Divorced women, socio-psychological problems” and analyzed the various reasons leading to divorce. She has seen causes of divorce often different from the legal basis on which divorce was granted. The fundamental reason for conflict arose when each partner separated his or her wishes from the wishes of the family and dissociated from the family. As a result, common objectives disappeared, co-operation slowed down, mutual services failed to take place, interpersonal relationships were not coordinated and, husband and wife became emotionally antagonistic. Both husband and wife change from one status tu another and they have to readjust their emotional, personal, social and family .life and reorganize their relationships and friendships. They must become accustomed to a new relationship with their children whether they were separated, from them or has them within the family without the other parent. They also re-orient their sexual life. Divorced women enjoy a low status mainly due to the fact that she lacks a male as the head of the household. That brings about a loss of identity and lack of respectability. We are treated as having no morals. Some may be shunned and permissive ad aggressive and looked down upon as they had deviated customs and traditions of the society. But there may be difference in the men. They may be less looked down upon and may adjust more easily than.

Johnson, (2006) conducted a study on “Psycho-social factors in Divorce” and concluded that joint family system, marriage on reciprocal marriage without the real consent of the partners are some of the causative which lead to divorce. Parents strong hold in the selection of marriage authority in making decision suppress the partner’s wishes. They lose their identify become unable to share with each other and to realize their responsible mutual basis. This ‘critical situation leads towards the dissolution of marriage.

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Waliuddin, (2007) a study on “A sociological study of the problem of in a selected community at Multan” and concluded that divorce may occur. childless mothers, poverty where husband is unable to fulfillment the economic requirement of the family, lack of proper education in any one of the partners which gives inferiority or superiority complex, different temperament of the couples system i.e., some marriages were done with the lust of rich dowry. Conflicts arise in the family, which leads towards the dissolution of marriage.

Pothen, (2008) stated that divorce is a process of readjustment consequences of divorce are many and grave. Between birth and death of a most important event in life is marriage. Marriage changes the personalities, the arid the life-style of man and women. Marriage is entered with great expectations. Divorce is the failure of marital life, and, therefore it has serious repercussions on the individual, family and the community. Negative results of divorce are perhaps snored ‘than the positive ones. In a way divorce brings about personal, familial and social disorganization. In divorce, it seems that the effects of divorce are more severe for the wife than for the husband.

Shafqat, (2009) A study on “Social and personal causes of Divorce” concluded that the traditional family system contributes towards the increased divorce rate. Interference by in-laws in couples daily life become major cause of divorce. Difference in the cultural traits of the spouses and phenomenon of childless also contribute towards dissolution of marriage.

Qureshi, (2010) A study of Divorced Women concluded that interference of in- laws was a major cause, which in connection with other educational level, economic conditions, dowry and social class led towards dissolution of marriage. The respondents who make decisions mutually aid shared their feelings with each other, they have happy life.

Pothen. (2011) stated that Divorce represents a fundamental change in status and role for all concerned. This change is a crisis in their lives. Those with a strong well integrated, or highly egoistic life organization may survive it with comparative ease. But such an adjustment is not possible for those with weaker personalities and for those who care deeply. They cannot forget. They cannot immediately adjust in their new status and role. Many divorces develop symptoms of personality disorganization. Divorces may also create problems of sex adjustments, habits and economy. Not all, who are granted divorce, react in the same way. Some find it an extremely disorganizing experience. Others are only mildly disturbed; still others feel a pleasant release. The intensity of trauma will depend upon a number of factors such as: The sensitiveness of the personality involved: The amount of love that is still left: the rapidity and degree with which the divorcee and divorcer is able to find compensatory adjustment within society.

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