What Better: Rescue and Adopt a Dog from a Shelter or Buy Dog In a Pet Store

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As we know, people often wonder what makes a better decision to rescue and adopt a dog from a shelter or purchase a puppy from a pet store? While both animals can give unconditional love, adopters have to consider that a puppy from a pet store come from puppy mills and that are usually using inhumane breeding operations to only make a profit out it versus rescuing a dog or a puppy that is waiting for love at a shelter to find the perfect home. There are several rescue groups to help with the adoption process and to learn the financial responsibility care and well-being of the animal as well as non-profit, no-kill shelters. All rescue groups want is to connect people and pets, and shelters can help find a match with different household conditions and expectations. This information will explain why rescuing a dog is a humane way to do instead of purchasing a puppy, think of those dogs that their life also has value even though it is unknown where the dogs came from and deserve a home too.

Adopting a rescue dog that someone else has given up will save a life, it will cost less and will help fight puppy mills. The American Miniature Schnauzer Club Rescue it is an organization with low fees that takes dogs from breeders, and that could not sell them, Beth Santure states “99.9 percent of the dogs we take in are either dogs purchased at pet stores or breeding stock” (Santure, 2006, p.71). Knowing the fee is an essential element when a dog is adopted, the fee includes first vaccinations, microchip, and neuter. Even though the fee is low, people have to learn and understand that it is a big responsibility that the adorable puppy may stay with the family for many years. “An important factor is if you are financially stable enough to bring home a pet” (Barley, 2014, p.49) because even though the cost is low, adopters need to understand the financial responsibility that becomes taking care of the dog. Therefore, research the relation of the cost and go to a local shelter or association to get the details and get connected with someone with experience.

Another essential reason to get a rescue dog is to understand that it is okay to ask for help. Shelters and societies dedicated to rescuing dogs are to help with the process of the adoption “through a local rescue organization that will give pointers and support” (Barley, 2014, p.50). People who work at the shelters will be a great resource to help find information or resources for the pet. The staff members work with animals every day and have a wealth of information on many different issues. As a consequence, when adopting a dog from an animal shelter in the community, supports a non-profit organization the cost of the adoption goes towards helping the shelter give better care for animals being taken care of, and also sends a message to others to rescue instead of buying.

The humane, ethical choice for people should be adopting from a shelter to give a dog a second opportunity in life. It does not have to matter the background of a dog’s past life. Adopting a rescue dog is the best thing to do is to continue fighting puppy mills and dogs purchased at pet stores. To support local organizations, that offer professional help in the adoption process. Change the life of a dog, think about all the time the dog spent its whole life in a shelter and never knowing what is to have a family and it will also change the life of the adopter.


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