The Benefits Of Having A Dog Over A Cat

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I think it dogs are better. They play more cats do not like to go on a walk. Dog like playing hide and seek. All dog can learn more than a thousand word. The cat won not let people touch then but dog let everyone touch them so I think dog are more good than cat. All dog can live up to ten to fourteen year but in dog age if you are ten the dog is ten months old is it cool. I think there are more dog than people because there are four hundred million dog in the world because people keep breed than. You can take a dog a shower but cats you cannot take then a shower most cat do not let you take than a shower because they do not like the shower. And dogs are so friendly but. I know it some dogs bite but they changing to protect you or the own but most of the popular is that dogs do not bite.

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First of all, I know that dogs need a lot of attention. Some dogs are at the dog shelter or at a bad place. Some time cats are lazy. They do not want to go on walks. The cats hurt you in the face. You can take them to the vet and the people can do it. Dogs are very smart you can teach then treats and cat do not listen they are lazy and do not go on walk. Cat you own can do with cat is pit then a touch and they are not that flurry.

Second, dogs can hear four times as a human. Your dog can feel your feeling like if you are sad they lay down with you. Smaller dogs can live long than larger dogs. Did you know what puppies have 28 teeth and adults have 42 teeth? You know it dogs are more easy to wash in the bathroom then cats do not let you take then a bath. Some cats will like you but the other won bot like you but most dog like you and is why I think dogs are better. Dogs are fun to play they will give you the ball and lick you in the face but some people do not like it so that OK but dog are more playful than cats. Cats need more supplies than dogs you need a bed, and a shampoo, food and water but you drink water so that all and you need for cats are bed, and food, litter, and toys, and cats it they can jump on or something.

Third, the best age to bring a dog home is 8 to 12 weeks. If, you petting a dog it can lower where blood pressure. Some dog are flurry and I like dog that are flurry some cats are not flurry some cat do not have flurry. Dog can live up to 10 or 13 years long. Did you know it dog are smart? Dog can feel your feeling cat do not. Some dog are half wolf and it cool kid like dog a lot more than dog. Did you know it if they have too much dog at the shelter they will kill it? Some please do not kill dog. You can save then and cat do not get kill so please help the dog. Did you know if you turn your music up the dog ear will hurt a lot? You need to take their dog some where? And I know cat you do not need to take then to the bathroom but the litter sink. So please help me save dog do not need to get hurt. If they do it would be on you. So I think it dogs are more fun and cool you can take then on walks. I love dogs because you can pit then and touch the head and the fur are so soft. And they need if you are sad I get hurt and my dog was laying down with me then I was happy. Dog I love then I want a farm and i want cows, and dogs, goat and i want most of the animal in the world. Cats are cute but in the inside they are mad they will

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