Special Requirements for Keeping a Cat

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Evidence has shown that Ancient Mesopotamians have been the earliest, that is 3500 BC to have adopted cats as pets. In light of perspective, this is the time the wheel was invented. On top of that, in Ancient Egypt cats were represented in social and religious practices for more than 30 centuries. The credit was given when a cat killed a venomous snake, protecting the Pharaoh. Although in today’s society many people adopt cats as their friendly household pets, some argue that cats are a burden on the owner’s lifestyle while others say that they are expensive to care for. Besides that, cats have special requirements. In light of a different perspective cats actually make excellent pets.

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People argue that caring for a cat can be tasking and impedes their daily lifestyle and routines. This is true to a certain extent, whereby owner’s need to allocate a certain amount of time to provide for their needs. However, this is the case for any household pets. Unlike other pets, cats are more independent and do not have to be supervised all day. Their solitary lifestyle does not require us to give it lots of attention like a baby. This allows especially busy working people to own cats as their pet. In addition, people are most likely to help look after your cat as a favor as compared to looking after a dog. Dog-sitting is deemed to be more tasking while looking after a cat can be almost effortless. Studies show that cats are much more intelligent animals that can learn and adapt to your daily routine.

Others argue that owning a cat can be financially burdening. This is true as of the case of every other type of pet. Therefore, pet owners should already expect this financial commitment and be ready with such resources. However, cats are actually less expensive to own and car for. Based on their inactive lifestyle it is obvious to expect that they eat lesser food compared to active pets like dogs. Therefore, they require lesser food and calories needed to function on a daily basis. In addition, cat owners can be safe assured that their furniture will still be in one piece when they return home from work or school. This contributes back to their more inactive and laid-back lifestyle that they cause less property damage other than the occasional couch scratching. Furthermore, cats allow you to save your money on grooming since they constantly groom themselves by licking.

Finally, people think cats need special requirements. In reality, cats do not need much special requirements since they require less space, are easily entertained and do not require much interaction. Based on a study in 2009, cats require less space and have produce lesser carbon footprints than dogs. This is because the resources required to feed a dog over the course of its life produces the same eco-footprint of a Land Cruiser while cats are compared to leave the same amount of carbon footprint as a small hatchback. On the other hand, the characteristics of cats that are easily entertained and do not require much attention complement each other. For example, you can play with a cat with a simple catnip for a few minutes and still have a considerably good bonding session and procced to doing your own separate things after that, as compared to dogs that require much more time and attention to have a special bond.

In conclusion, people who choose cats as pets usually do not regret their decision because cats have lesser impact on their owner’s lifestyle, comparably cheaper to own and care for, and have fewer special requirements.

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