Violent Crime as a Tool for Individual Purposes

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Increasing global interconnectivity has been accompanied by the development of new threats that could have a major impact on the growth of the criminal world. Throughout the time when a criminal commits a crime, the offenders in society always have changes in both content and form. Particularly, crimes activities regularly go against social benefits great physical and mental losses. Therefore, fully aware of the methods and tricks of the offender’s behaviour and anti-crime solution are always prioritized by countries, especially in the setting of today’s globalisation. Violence and non-violence are the concerns for police agencies, although they refer to sentences offences against people rather than crime related to property and environment. This essay will emphasise three points that using violence on purpose threats someone is more dangerous.

The biggest threat to humans lives caused by the power and control of criminals from the plan of individual purposes. The innocents affected by the terror attack in Christchurch Mosque was silver witnesses to indicate the evil horror, causing suffering for the victims and the relatives of victims. According to Walls (2019, pg.4), “Victims lie beneath the earth”. This shows that law enforcement has a lenient of using firearms which happened on Friday. The dark day of New Zealand that people were killed directly by a military-style semi-automatic weapon, ( Vance, 2019, 16:35). It’s told that terrorist attacks always hiding into a group of society. Sadly, the self-created reasons were made then he took away the lives of fifty people. After the shooting in Mosque, the level of terrorism in this Island for the primary rate increased from flat to high, ( Walls, 2019). Because of a dangerous situation, police enforcement agencies should concentrate on duty that identify and investigation are important. “The revision and supplementation of the law take place within the current government, as a revision to the current constitution, ensuring conformity and updating with social changes. Therefore, it is more focused on the subject, process and how to proceed”. (Williams,2019, 14:37). The purpose of conducting scientific research is banning violent abused to commit a crime.

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Another harm caused by human aggression that violent crimes can occur in every age. Basically, the crime rates including homicide, murder, assault, kidnap and rape are the high level of concern. For instance, “incredibly a boy fifteen-year-old was charged with murder in Hawke’s Bay. Without purposes, the killer was using violence to attack the victim with strong emotional aggression”. (Hogan,2018). It means violent abuse damaged human lives, is not simply about personal property. Some bobbers, burglars and other environmental crime are not likely caused by people. They focus more on expensive property. In fact, the challenges for police to enforce prohibitions and prevent offenders from carrying out these acts threaten people that having difficulty on duty. Because of this, “Our efforts have been strengthened by working together with councils, businesses, and the public on crime prevention initiatives,” Superintendent Munro said. Although this strategy might certainly help for some circumstances, there are still gaps in management. As a result, Focusing on offenders against people by strict rules and high punishment is the aim to deter and prevent harms.

Domestic violence is a common factor and happening in a family issue. These activities frequently against women and children and disabled people that are more serious than crime related to property and environment. Where aggressive behaviour comes from and becomes extremely active in a relationship. Some other think that “ the reasons are mental illness, emotional abuse, male privilege that created control and fear on someone by physically, sexually and psychologically,”( Ministry of Social development, 2016). However, the traditional crimes against women and children are the most destructive experiences. They will suffer from physical injury and critical disorder in long-term relationship abuse, ( womenshealth, n.d). In particular circumstances, police investigation should put the priority to work with community service to help victims avoiding their partnership being aggressive. A consequence, internal violence is difficult to find out the criminal for police investigation unless the connection between police officers and community services would not work well in a mutual way.

In summary, the purpose of concentrating on offences against people are more serious than a crime committing home and environment. Most people feel undergo when they experienced from violent abuse. It is greatly dangerous affects human lives and fully rejected using violence for achieving a goal. Police enforcement will deter and prevent as soon as possible. Furthermore, police enforcement agencies look at an overview of the danger of harm people, then identify and investigate the offenders committing a crime and finally cooperation and organisation will help people safety. The expectation for the future will have more appropriate penalties and the higher standard for police should pay more attention to crime commit violence.

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