Treatment Options Involved in Managing Diabetes

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Diabetes is a disease that results in high blood sugar levels. Dealing with diabetes can be challenging as patients have to follow a number of health precautions and rules even while they are still hospitalized. It is therefore very important for the patient to know how to manage their diabetes, to be aware of any side effects their medications or new diabetes medications may have and to know the reason if they have to change diet as well as the best diet plan for their condition. It is equally important for them to know how to follow strict hygiene procedures in order to avoid getting infections at the hospital, and also being aware of what awaits them when they finally get home.

The brochure explained in details the most important things that a diabetic patient should know, do and consider while still being hospitalized and even when the patient gets home. It did not minimize anything that could help the patient deal with their situation. But it failed to point out that it is important for patients to have knowledge on the type of exercise, when to exercise, how often to exercise and for how long as all these are very essential interventions towards improving the general well-being while avoiding any risk if exercise is not done properly.

I was particularly interested in this omission because most diabetic patients are dependent on others both when they are in the hospital and when they get home and this might be due to the fact that they did not get enough information on their role in managing their diabetes both in the hospital and at home, and so the lack of knowledge on how they can primarily impact their disease process.

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However, I find the information presented very beneficial because it touches most of the treatment options involved in managing diabetes and when patients get hold of this sort of educational resourceful information, they will be less stress in the way they would manage the disease both when they are still in the hospital and when they are discharged home, and consequently patient safety will be much improved. This brochure also made it clear that it is the patient’s responsibility and rights to ask as many questions as possible if they should have any doubts and not to assume the hospital’s providers know how to optimally and 100% treat and manage their diabetes regardless if the patient does not understand.

The context of this brochure was clearly presented with each main point further explained in details to make patient get a more precise knowledge of what they should do and at what level. This type of information will benefit mostly those who are living alone who generally do not have anyone to take care of them either in the hospital or at home. So they need all the resources and education in taking care of themselves and better handle situations when need arises. Also those who have relatives who are diabetic need these information to better understand how to care for and manage the disease of their love ones.

The information presented in this brochure is of great importance as a similar information was presented by Chatterjee and Davies (2015) in which they concluded that glucose level can be controlled and quality of patient’s life style can be improved through lifestyle modification like diet change and regular exercising. A structural education and self-management for diabetic patients. This was equally supported by Reusch and Manson (2017) in their report on management of Type 2 Diabetes in which they also pointed out importance of diabetic patients to engage in lifestyle changes as well as self-management.

Knowing the various ways to be active in your care at the hospital as well as out of the hospital as a diabetic patient is very important and essential as lack of education and any careless mistake can lead to more complications up to death if not properly handled. In order to do so diabetic patients need to have a proper knowledge of their part in managing their diabetes. They must be active participants on what needs to be done, when and how it should be done, without assuming that the hospital will be able to manage their diabetes most effectively. Even more importantly, they should equally be aware of what puts them at risk of developing other complications due to diabetes and how to avoid them.

This brochure provides vital and useful information not only patients or to those in charge of taking care of diabetic patients but it can also be very helpful to a person at risk of becoming diabetic, that way person will be aware of what lies ahead, what to expect, how to deal with various situations, what to ask and what he/she needs to know concerning diabetes. But mostly, how to prevent becoming a diabetes patient.

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