The Terror I Feld During a Stormy Night

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A sound woke up me up I thought that it was my alarm, it surprised me to find out that the glowing red LED light read 2:11am, at that point I realized that it was not the alarm clock so what was it? While I was wiping the sleep from my eyes. All of a sudden, I heard a deafening crush, the kind of you hear when someone been driving for 80pm and suddenly breaks. While I was trying to take a minute and let it sink in, a blinding light illuminate my room, just like someone had just flipped the switch back on. It took me couple minutes before I realized what was going on, I did scan the weather couple hours ago I did not notice any warnings about a storm approaching. However, I was in my room looking out the lightning by the window. Suddenly I heard another deafening crush of thunder. The second one was so loud and powerful. My whole apartment trembled under the storm force. I ran like a five years old child in my bed. I crowled deep with my blankets, covering myself from heard to toe. I left only a small space large enough for me to see what was going to happen next.

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I do not know what was I thinking, I was a grown man frightened by a stupid storm hiding underneath my blankets, like it would spare my life from something. While I was under my covers the storm produced one more earth shattering crack and a bunch of flashing light. It appeared to me that the storm was collecting more and more energy every minute that passed by. Yes I was a grown man but hiding under my blanket somehow reduce my fear. The feeling that a small gopher usually gets when he is being pursued by a cayote and finally reaches his hole his safe place. I was like a gopher under my blankets.

I spent hours lied there listening to the storm happing that it would pass. But every time I closed my eyes thinking it had moved on that’s when it proves me wrong and it gave another terrifying blast, the next one was always louder and powerful than the last. My eyes become so heavy because the struggle of to keep of sleep over powered the fear of the storm. I was falling asleep. Under the blankets expect the fears of closing my eyes put me in a vulnerable place to the storm I eventually drifted off.

Another bright light woke me up once again with a very light coming through my blinds again, I had to go wash my face. I looked my yard I could tell the damage the damage, evidence, and proof of just how powerful the storm was. There were tree branches and my neighbors trampoline. I decided to go down stairs to my front door to get a better view of my yard and my neighbors, I could not handle the smell, I felt the suns warmth on my skin like a warm kiss on a cold winters day. Expect the level of fear that the storm left in my soul and what it turned my back yard into it sure did bring on a beautiful day.

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