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Reasons for Wordwide Dependendance on Oil

The producers of oil can highlight just how dependent on oil the world is. Saudi Arabia and UAE are strong countries and filled with wealth mostly because they have a plenty of oil. Countries such as Algeria, Azerbaijan, Brunei Darussalam, Iraq, Kuwait, Libya, Sudan and...

Economical Effects of OPEC Oil Crisis

One of the most important commodities worldwide is crude oil. It is a main chief source of energy, contributing to a staggering 56% of total energy consumption.[1] Oil is a major source of energy because, unlike other sources, it is much cheaper. Much of the...

Review of the Possible Solutions to Pakistan Oil Crisis

Abstract Oil crises in the past years made more obvious the dependency of economies on fossil fuels. As a consequence, the need for new energy sources became more urgent. Renewable energy sources could provide a solution to the problem, as they are inexhaustible and have...

Opec In The Times Of Oil: Scarcity, Economic Crisis, And Price War

Introduction It is no secret that oil today is the most important commodity in the world, where many need it and few have it. Countries use it for heating, transportation, and electricity; and as a raw material for chemicals, fertilizers, and plastics.[1] This means that...

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